Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: 911 anniversary)

Today is September 11, the anniversary of the attack on US soil that spearheaded wars against terrorism abroad. I remember back then I was driving into work and heard a DJ on the radio talk about how crazy it was that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. As soon as I heard this I recalled how I once played on the top floor of that building (It was one of the tallest buildings in America at that time and I was actually playing a gig with Jean Carne) and how “small” the statue of liberty looked from that distance. I remembered that it took 2 elevators to get to the top floor, so in my mind I could actually “imagine” how the people who were stranded there felt. Once I got to work then my coworkers watched the event on television as yet “another” plane crashed into the other tower, and that was when it was fully accepted that we were under attack. Most of us who are old enough know the events that transpired after this. We fought long wars against the terrorists in Iraq (Even though the perpetrator of the attacks, Osama Bin Ladin, was living peacefully in Pakistan). Now on this date we are yet confronted with the same issue of war against Syria. Recently there was a push by President Barack Obama to strike Syria and I believe the rest of the world didn’t want to see another war of this nature take place. The last news I heard was that the President is “willing” to settle this “diplomatically” with the Russian regime involved. It is quite possible that Syria may be required to turn over its chemical weapons (which if done properly I would fully support). I would never support¬† the use of chemical gasses or nuclear bombs. I don’t usually support war either. I realize that some conflicts are unavoidable and that sometimes self defense is necessary. However, when we send troops into war we are sending people’s children out to die. Whenever we hear news about soldiers being killed in war it may say something like “13 troops were killed by ambush.” Well, those 13 people had “names and identities, family, friends and neighbors that we never get to see or hear about. If I am going to die a hero for my country I would at least want the people to know who I was. On this day of 911 I only hope that we can come up with a different resolution. “Flexing our muscles” to show we are not weak means “killing others to show we are strong.” The world already knows what we are capable of doing. I hope that we can show the world that we are capable of settling this “peacefully” as well. Time will tell if this was the right option or not, but as long as we are at least willing to give “peace” a chance, then I can support that. Thank you for checking out today’s Daily Thought, and I hope that your day today is a truly “peaceful” one.

Singer Ashanti and Brett Jolly