Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: No confidence)

Hey Mr. Jolly. My name is Randy and I know that no woman wants to be with me and rightfully so. I recognize that I am repulsive, obnoxious and often disrespectful. I am overweight, short and I am grumpy most of the time. I have tried dating women but in the end I already know that no one wants me. My friends keep telling me that there is someone out there for me, but I just don’t believe I will ever find anyone that will like me.  I was told to contact you. What do you think?

I have a question for you: “How can you “expect” anyone to like you when it sounds like you don’t even like yourself?” In your own words, you said that you are repulsive, obnoxious and disrespectful. Is that the way you WANT to be? If you are satisfied with saying all these “bad” things about yourself then you obviously don’t care enough to at least make yourself “acceptable.” If you are overweight, then “work out and slim down.” If you are grumpy, then STOP being so grumpy and smile more. If you consider yourself to be “repulsive” then other women will see you that way as well. You can change all that by grooming yourself, dressing up more and try to look more “presentable.” You act as though you don’t have a choice when it comes to how you are. The fact is that you “do.” Women appreciate men with good manners and respect. Women also appreciate men with confidence. Right now it sounds as though you are “already” limiting yourself by saying you “can’t” change. If you want to be with somebody then you need to be somebody that people will want to be with. Stop downgrading yourself and gain confidence by enjoying life more. Some people are never happy unless they are “miserable.” You sound “just like” one of those people. You need a serious “personality makeover” and you need to “come out of your box.” The first step starts with “you.” Eliminate the word “can’t” from your vocabulary and start working on changing yourself. Work out, go for walks more often (to clear your head) and think of more “pleasant” things in your life. You don’t need to be a product of your own depression and you don’t need to make yourself your own “worst enemy.” I am not trying to beat up on you, but you need to face facts. You ARE allowed to upgrade yourself both physically, mentally and spiritually. Stop hiding behind your own negativity and go see what this world has to offer. IF you can do this you will find that your life can change “drastically.” If you don’t know what to do, then just ask your friends and I am sure they will show you how to get started. Thank you for submitting this topic and I wish the very best to you and yours. By the way, the last word for today is coming from the Phantom Poet:

I am repulsive, obnoxious and I have no respect
but other than that, I’m about as good as I can get
No woman wants me, and this is rightfully so
They say I’m equivalent to Curly, Larry and Moe
I’m also short, overweight and grumpy most of the time
My personality has been compared to that of “slime”
There are a LOT of things that I need to rearrange
but first I have to realize that I need to change
I realize that my dress attire lately has been “spotty”
I can change that, and I have an old bottle of “High Karate”
I can spruce myself up with some “just for men hair gel”
And I will also splash on myself some “Old Spice” as well
In order to deal with my height I can change some views
by walking around wearing a pair of “elevator shoes”
And to make myself even “more” impressive, I have a cute little stunt
I can make myself seem “well endowed” by just “padding” my front
I realize this is “cheating” but I say this tidbit to you
If women can pad their bras then I can pad my stuff too
I think I messed up and I have one small oversight
I didn’t pad correctly and now my “bulge” shifts “to the right”
I wanted to be accepted but instead I went far beyond the norm
The women are now pointing at me and saying the word “deformed”
At least I am trying to change, because no one really wants to be alone
And in the end I should be all right, because the love I save might be my own

“From the majestic arsenal of the Phantom Poet”


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From the historic song “The Twist,” here is Chubby Checker and Brett Jolly