Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Inconsiderate kids)

To the Phantom poet how do you live in a house with people who always watches killing movies in spooky movies and you want to watch something else but they insist that all the watches spooky movies and nothing more and they don’t care what anybody else thinks and all they do is talk about killing shooting all day long don’t you think that it would be inconsiderate not to share television and the killing all day long

It would be “considerate” to “share” the television, but not everyone is thoughtful like that. Depending on your circumstances there may be options. If you have enough money (or have room on your credit card) then you can purchase your own television set and watch it in your own room (I will assume the kids are not sleeping in the same bedroom with you). If you feel that you don’t have enough money to buy a new television set then go to a pawn shop to get one (Don’t laugh, some pawn shops have been known to have items of great values… “cheap”). A lot depends on whose home you are living in. If it is not your own, then you are subject to the rules and regulations of the person who owns it. The one thing about living with someone else is that there is “bound” to be conflict of some kind (because people are different). When I went to college years ago I had a roommate who loved loud rock music and during extremely cold weather he loved to sleep with the window open. I gave in a little bit on the “loud rock music” but when I woke up in the morning with the “sniffles” because of the window being open all night I had to have a “moment of reckoning” with him. Young kids are usually “influenced” by their environment (because they learn the world from what’s around them) so if the kids are now “infatuated with killing” from the movies they have watched then that might be an issue that the parents need to address. Unfortunately you can’t play the role of “mother” with those kids unless they are yours. “Consideration” is usually something that is “taught” so if the parents of these kids have not instilled these values in them then there may not be much that you can do at this point. Until you can find your own place with your own rules then you may just have to endure this situation for now. Hopefully the rudeness will motivate you to make something happen “sooner” rather than “later.” Good luck to you, and please welcome our good buddy, the Phantom Poet:

Sharing the television set would be a mannerly thing to do, I conclude
But to not share the television can be thoughtless and rude
It would be polite to share in the programming but only if the others are willing
Of course, it can affect your spirits if you are forced to watch a lot of killing
When it comes to TV shows, it would be nice if you all acted like buddies
but this should be school time, and shouldn’t the kids be doing their studies?
These kids are downright incorrigible and they are ignorant and crude
And when they get older they will either do jail time or get 302’d
So hopefully one day you’ll have a different place where you live all alone
Because “God bless the child that actually DOES have his or her own”
Because if the good Lord delivers you from this atmosphere, then Him you should be “thanking”
And if you ever get the opportunity to get these kids to yourself, then they deserve a spanking
So yes, these kinds are rude and thoughtless, and for this there is no doubt
So just get your assets in order, save up, and then YOU can “move out”….

“Yet another marvelous recitation from the Phantom Poet”

Wayne Brady and Brett Jolly in concert