Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The role of churches)

Over the weekend I had a talk with a woman who was a gospel singer “AND” a minister. We had a gig someplace up in Northern New Jersey and the gig went well, but it was our conversation afterwards that inspired me to write my Daily Thought for today. You see, I “love” to interview and ask people questions about their professions, and with her I wanted to get some really “deep” answers. She did NOT disappoint me at all. The first thing I asked her about was her opinion of most other preachers she had heard. She said that a “lot” of preachers “don’t do their homework on scriptures” and instead opt to take “any” passage out of the Bible and just spin their “own” interpretations of what they “think” it means. She said many preachers are more “show” than “substance” and most times the congregation will go along with what is being said even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Of course, after hearing this I felt as though I had to dig even deeper with her. I asked her if she thought churches properly reflected the will of Christ. The first thing she told me was that Jesus was “about relationships, not religion. He was more interested in how we treated each other than in trying to bring people to church.” She also stated that Jesus “didn’t even own a building.” She then said that Jesus Christ never collected an offering or tithe from anyone. If anything, he gave to others in need, and encouraged others to do the same. She also said that many churches deal with what’s inside the church, but very few will actually go “out on the streets” like Jesus did to reach out to those in dire need of salvation. Most churches expect the people to come to them… NOT vice versa. One thing she said that was incredibly funny. She said she has found that “most” preachers who preach “constantly” against things like homosexuality are likely “gay” themselves. She said that those who preach against infidelity “constantly” are usually the ones who end up “cheating” on their wives. I asked her why she thought some preachers make up their own interpretations of the Bible, and she said “Because most of them are so busy doing other things to raise money for the church that they don’t have the TIME to truly study the Good Book. When churches and their preachers talk about money all the time then they are not promoting the will of Christ but rather their own “businesses,” which in essence “is” the “church.” When thinking about it, it does appear that a lot of churches are in the business of making money because tithes and offerings are always being collected there. Then I asked her about the fallen preacher idols, like Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and Henry Lyons. She said that people gave them LOTS of money to hear them preach the word of God, but in the end they proved to be “just as fallible” as those they preached against. They spoke against sin and fornication and made millions doing so, only to become victims to the very words they preached. For those of you who don’t know the stories of these people, you may want to Google them online. PLEASE note that today’s Daily Thought is NOT my concept, nor does it necessarily reflect my opinion on religion or God. I realize more than anything else that our “faith” is what most people need in order to make sense of this world. I just felt that this minister’s stance was one “worth noting” today. Is she right? Please do NOT send me any hate letters. instead, I would love to know from “anyone” if she is correct in her assessment of some churches or if there is anything she missed when it comes to her views. As always, I welcome any and ALL opposing views and opinions. I am not looking to divide, but rather find ways to “unite.” Hopefully you will see that. Thank you so much for understanding and have a great day.

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Stevie Wonder and Brett Jolly


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