Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Attracted to wife’s best friend)

I have a problem that I hope you can help me with. I am happily married to an incredibly beautiful woman and I love her tremendously. However, whenever her friend Barbara comes over I feel very uncomfortable, because to me she is really attractive. I can feel my wife staring me up and down every time Barbara comes over the house, and I try my best not to stare However, I can’t help but to feel attracted to this woman. I am not a pervert. Can something like this be normal for anyone who is in a dedicated and committed relationship?

Just because you are married to the love of your life doesn’t mean that you can’t somehow “have feelings” for someone else. We ALL can feel attraction and it doesn’t have to necessarily be to “only” one person. “However,” because of your circumstances, it would be wise to exhibit as much “self control” as you can and not “act” upon your feelings. You see, as long as you are human then it is quite possible to like someone else other than your soul mate, but it is up to “you” to “control” those urges. Women can sense things in a man (and part of that is the fact that we are “terrible” when it comes to hiding or concealing anything) so chances are your wife already “suspects” that you are digging Barbara. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t slip is to constantly hug, talk to and even kiss your wife in front of Barbara. Your wife will “appreciate the attention” and then maybe she won’t stare you up and down as much whenever Barb comes over. Since Barb is your wife’s friend, maybe you can utilize that time to watch a game on television or something (preferably out of the view of Barbara). I’m sure your wife won’t mind you utilizing this time in that manner. Men can be “real dogs” and women know this. They know that if a leggy woman in a short skirt and heels walks in front of you then chances are your eyes are going to “roam” all over her. That is how men develop such GREAT “peripheral vision.” A good man will catch her right out of the remote corner of his eye (and he will make sure not to turn his head because he already KNOWS his woman is staring at him from the OTHER direction). As pretty as Barbara make seem to you she can’t replace the woman that you are already with. As long as you realize that then there should be no problem from you. EVERYONE has urges, but it is up to us to exercise self control. Just like you wouldn’t want your wife to ogle some other man, you should be the same way for her. You can’t help being “human” but you “can” help being a “human jerk.” Accept the fact that you are attracted to Barbara, but brush it off and “continue” to love your woman unconditionally, because down the road SHE is the one who is going to “have your back.” I know you all have missed him, but he is finally “back.” Applause please, for the Phantom Poet:

Whenever my wife’s friend comes over, I try my best not to stare real hard
That’s because I find myself developing feelings for her friend Barb
Whenever my eyes focus in her, I try my best not to “zoom”
And I can feel the presence of my wife’s eyes from across the room
I have to look away whenever Barb wears a tight low cut blouse
Because my wife knows where our gun is in the house
I think Barb might dig me too but there is no way to really tell
I just know that if she ever hits on me, I will run like hell
I know how feisty my wife is, so I have already been warned
Because Hell hath “no” fury like that of a woman “scorned”
My wife will tell me in a minute, and she will even leave little “reminders”
Whenever Barb comes over the house, I have to wear horse “blinders”
Like a good man is supposed to do in order to keep his marriage nice and sunny
Whenever your wife puts these conditions on you, just do it and say “Yes, honey”
Because if you can’t control your urges, then you had better go sit alone
Because with your wife, the “teeth” you save… might “just” be “your own”

Marvelously done, by the Phantom Poet


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The Emotions (“You got the best of my love”) and Brett Jolly in concert


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