Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Losing weight mentally”)

Recently I have had discussions with friends of mine who were “planning” to lose weight. A couple of my friends appeared to be “dedicated to the task” and claimed they were ready to put the process in motion. The interesting part is that it appears “each one” of them has a “different” method for “taking off” the weight. Not one of them had the same exact “diet” plan, but they all expected to get the same results. One friend of mine said that he planned to lose 40 pounds by working out with weights in the gym. One lady plans to “speed up” her metabolism by eating more so that she can alter her eating habits later. One has researched a diet plan that she thinks will help her lose one hundred pounds. I commend all of them for wanting to get into better shape, but can they really expect to lose weight from all of these different plans? For the record, I don’t think I have ever had a weight problem in my life. I am constantly “on the go” and I hardly “ever” get to weigh myself on a scale. That is because “mentally” I feel as though I just “never need to.” For me, the process to “staying slim” results from the “”belief” in being slim. The mind is a very powerful thing, and it can have you believing things that are not even in existence. I believe the reason I don’t lose weight is because “I work out mentally.” In other words, I don’t allow myself to think of myself or even see myself in “heavy” terms. If you carry yourself as a heavy person, then you will “think” like a heavy person. If you allow your mind to “trick” your body into thinking that you are losing weight, you will actually make progress towards that goal. There are a lot of plans and ideas out there for losing weight. I heard one that was really quite simple, and that was “Don’t eat.” I believe it is important to know your own body and your own state of mind. Some people don’t need to lose weight to be better, they only need to lose “inches from certain areas.” Some people only need to “tone up and solidify” certain areas to be right. It “all” still starts with the mind and how you “think” about yourself. In order to “mentally” lose weight it will be “important” to “never” look in the mirror for instant results. If you look in the mirror and don’t see the results you want then you can become “depressed” and at that point the mind will work against you and allow the body to “pack the weight back on again.” I wish my friends the very best, but I do know that in order to “gain” weight they needed the “mental mindset” of a person who engages in “overweight” activities. Well, in order to lose weight the same principles can apply, but just think in the “opposite” direction. ALL “great” accomplishments start with the “belief that you can do it.” “Free your mind, and your “body”will follow… Good luck to all of you out there who have the resolve to get in better shape and here comes the Phantom Poet”

When it comes to dieting, there will always be some type of debate
Because there are too many different theories for losing your weight
Many of these theories fail, because when dieting we often find
when losing weight for the body, we must first start with “the mind”
My friends plan to lose weight and each has a different plan
When it comes to taking off pounds, I just hope they all can
When you think about it, once these conditions you meet
You will start to lose weight really fast if you just “don’t eat”
As crazy as that sounds to some degree that will actually work
But you many end up dead and buried under six feet of dirt
Life doesn’t have to be so drastic, and there can be another way
But learning your mind and body really needs to come into play
So when it comes to getting fit, you need to make sure your mind is “set”
Because in the end, that will determine how much weight loss you “get”
So I wish you all the best of luck and hope that  weight loss you will bring
And when it comes to feeling slim, keep your behind “out” of “Burger King”

“Those Whopper meals are awesome”… The Phantom Poet


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Chubby Checker (“The Twist”) and Brett Jolly


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