Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Online dating)

I just came out of a bad relationship. I am currently looking for someone new. My friends are telling me that I should get into those dating web sites to find the right man for me. I have heard horror stories. What do you think about dating sites, and should I even look into them?

Unfortunately horror stories can happen under a lot of different circumstances, not just on dating sites. While there are some really bad stories from online dating there are also plenty of success stories as well. One of the great things about online dating is that during the process of getting to know someone you are “protected” by your computer screen and your “block/delete” button. When someone appears to be getting “out of hand” you can just hit that button and be “done with him.” Also, one of the advantages of online dating is that you get to know and learn the “inner person” first before getting to see the “physical presence.” If you met someone off the street, the first thing you would encounter is the “physical” image, and sometimes that image can “taint” your perspective on what that person is like “on the inside.” With online dating it can be the exact opposite. One of the big problems with online dating is that a “lot” of people “misrepresent” themselves. Some will put false information in their profiles to make themselves look more attractive. Others will put up pictures of themselves from “20” years ago or just put up a picture that isn’t even really them. When checking out profiles, you will need to look for “little things” that give away the details of what this person is really like. If he claims to be a world famous writer and yet all of his words are “capitalized and misspelled” then chances are he is “lying.” If he claims to be an doctor, lawyer AND and astronaut then the chances of him being truthful are “slim.” The good thing is that you can just about “Google” anyone online to find out details about someone. If he is “legit” then there should be “something” about him that you can find out online. I believe that just about one out of five relationships are being discovered online, so it should be acceptable for you to step up to the “new age.” Good luck to you and please welcome that world famous online lyricist, the Phantom Poet:

I found this man on a dating site and his picture is just as fine as it could be
but why is there a little date in the left hand corner that happens to say 1973?
He told me that it is a recent pic of him and that there is really no oversight
But the condition of the picture is all wrinkly and it is also in “black and white”
In his profile he says he is a world class scholar and he is intellectually compelled
The only problem with this is that every other third word is badly misspelled
He said he can’t mention his job because he discretely works for the FBI
Well, I know someone at that organization and he never heard of the guy
He claims that he is single and has never been out with any ladies
But I Googled his name and found that he is “married with 3 babies”
He told me he only drinks socially and never once has he gotten plastered
My friend knows him and said he is in the bars every day, the lying bastard
That is why when you do your homework well, you never know what you might find
when you search for a person’s information and find it all online
Usually you can find out the information you want without fail
And that can come in handy, especially if you discover he is already in jail
So don’t be afraid to look for love online, because nowadays that is what people do
Because if he acts up and gets rude, no one can reach through your screen to get you
And if he gets totally ridiculous, then this is how you make this separation “complete”
Just go to that little button on your computer and press it… the one that says “delete”

“From the hard drive” of the Phantom Poet


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