Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Attention”)

Everyone should fully understand the need for attention. Most people need it in their lives. If someone close to you desires it, then by all means it would help to be “attentive.” However, sometimes when it comes to attention, it is “how” we go after it that often makes the biggest difference. People may sometimes go to extraordinary means in order to “get” the “slightest” bit of attention, and sometimes that can have an adverse effect on a relationship. It is important to note that “getting” attention is NOT the same as “getting BAD attention.” When you get bad attention, it usually has a negative outcome, and the results are often “not” the results you seek. Being confrontational, emotional or accusatory will usually get you “bad” attention. “Forcing the issue” will probably get you the same result. When someone feels that he or she is not getting enough attention, then he or she may result to seeking it from “others.” This could be in the form of companionship or advice. The problem with companionship is that once you start a relationship with someone else, then that “new” relationship could have a major impact on your “already established” relationship (by the way, this relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be an “intimate” one… It could just be friendship). When you go to a third party for advice or comment, then in essence you may be allowing that person to have an involvement in your relationship that realistically “shouldn’t” be there. “Everyone” has an opinion (including “me”) but when you get to the point where you are hearing “negative things” from someone who “really doesn’t know your situation” and then giving that person “credibility” then it may not be beneficial. Some people “love” to get into your personal business, and they love the control that comes with it.  As long as they know that you are “listening” to them they will tell you all sorts of things that “may or may NOT” apply to your situation. They can only get inside of your head if you “allow” them to. A relationship between two consenting adults shouldn’t need the input of a “third” party who is NOT close enough to you to “know.” The “more” people you involve in your relationship the better the chance that someone is going to try to push you in a “negative” direction. The best way to get attention is the “old fashioned way.” Be direct, be truthful and just “TALK” to your lover. Make sure that you wait for the “PROPER” time to do so. If your lover has a lot on his or her plate, or is physically exhausted, hungry or mentally “worn out” then chances are this would “NOT” be the best time to start this type of  conversation. For the record, there is “nothing” wrong with wanting attention. None of us are perfect, and sometimes responsibilities can have a strong bearing on your life. It is important when seeking attention that you view things from the perspective of your lover as well and NOT just from your “own” perspective. ALL things can be worked out if you only “give it a chance.”  Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and I hope your day is “awesome.” Here is an “attentive” piece from the Phantom Poet:

I need to be noticed, and to this cause I must speak
Yes, it IS your attention that I currently “seek”
I refuse to be ignored, so this I feel the need to mention
I don’t care how busy you are, but I want your attention
Is now the best time? I guess I would say “probably NOT”
But there won’t be any problem as long as your attention I “got”
As far as I am concerned you can be as busy as you can be
But right now nothing else matters, so pay attention to me
As long as you focus solely on me, then that is my desire
Are you trying to tell me that my house is on fire?
I don’t know what you are saying, but my thoughts will not be diminished
So whatever you got to say can surely wait until I am “finished”
I will NOT be interrupted, so my anger you should not provoke
I really need to finish my sentence, but somehow I’m smelling “smoke”
“Why didn’t you say something? We’re in a house that is not burning”
If we ever make it out alive, then I guess there is a lesson I’ll be learning
I don’t need attention THAT badly anymore, and now I am willing to listen
If I hadn’t been so stubborn, then my house would not now be missin’
The moral of this story is that my need for attention shouldn’t be so blatant
Because I could have saved my house if I had only been more ‘patient”

“Applause, please, for the Phantom Poet”

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Singer Regina Belle and Brett Jolly


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