Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Walking”)

Recently I had a talk with a friend of mine who was feeling really stressed out. He was having problems in his relationship and every time he came home he wanted to leave right back out again. He worked hard for a living but his woman was having a problem that was affecting their relationship. He was tired of having arguments with her and he was reaching his “emotional peak.” He said he wanted to relax but he just couldn’t do it at home. Every time he entered the house a new argument ensued. He felt as though he was at his boiling point and wanted to know what he should do about it. I simply told him to “Take a walk.” Taking a walk will NOT solve his problems at home and it will NOT change his woman’s outlook on their relationship. However, taking a walk will help you to “let off steam” and “re-focus.” You see, when things are going bad, sometimes people are “too close to the screen” in order to “see the overall picture.” Walking will give you a “momentary break” to contemplate and re-evaluate your situation.  While it is great for the body, walking also helps to clear the mind. When walking, you can play your scenario over in your head and try to view it through a “better” perspective.  Whenever I feel the “slightest” bit of tension I immediately opt to stroll around the block (or through the neighborhood). My problems NEVER go away after walking, but my disposition often changes so that I can better handle them. Some people feel that walking does NOTHING for you, and for them that might be right. If you already refuse to believe in something then the activity is “tainted” from the start. EVERYONE should have some form of “outlet.” If you don’t want to walk, then do something else that allows you to “let out frustration.” When frustration gets “pent up” inside then at “some point” it will come out on it’s own, and chances are it may cause actions that could be “regrettable.” There is nothing wrong with “letting off steam” somewhere, and for many people, walking is the best answer. My friend said that he will do it, and I sincerely hope that he does. We ALL need a fresh perspective on things, and if walking helps, then by all means “keep on trucking.” Hope your day is without stress and please welcome a side distraction from the Phantom Poet:

When you are having problems that can’t be solved when you talk
Just “take a break” from reality, and find time to take a walk
It won’t solve your problems and it won’t even make them diminished
Until you feel better in mind and spirit, keep walking until you are finished
You can take a stroll to deal with all these issues you are knowing
And if you still feel frustrated, then by all means keep going
You can re-evaluate  your situation and how your story relates
“Oh my goodness. I walked so far I think I just covered three states”
Walking was great for me, but I got so involved that my thinking went off track
I walked so far that now I can’t even figure out the way for me to get back
I guess I will just find a hotel room to help me forget about this day
Hey, it wasn’t like I wanted to go back home to her anyway
My woman and I kept on fighting so some time apart was in store
But I just found out that my woman walked too, and now has the room next door
Now SHE and I BOTH feel better after walking, and we no longer need to fight
So we made up with each other and stayed in the same room for the night
So we found out just what we needed to help fix our domestic situation
We found that we both needed to walk, AND we BOTH needed a vacation
So the moral of this story is that before your relationship becomes badly “defective”
Take a walk, let off some steam and come back with a “new perspective”

” Hey baby….My hotel room or yours?” The Phantom Poet

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The late legendary singer Gerald Levert and Brett Jolly