Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (A Proud Father moment)

This morning I had one of those proud moments that every father “should” have. I witnessed my youngest daughter, Melody Jolly, graduate from high school. While to some this may not seem like a special moment, to me it is the ultimate sense of satisfaction. You see, I have known “many” fathers whose kids got caught up in drugs, prostitution, and crime. I have witnessed kids fighting or cursing out their parents who raised them. I have heard the stories of children being taken off the streets. “Never once” did I have to go down to the jailhouse to get any of my kids out. Never once have I gotten any type of report stating that my kids were high off of some controlled substance. My kids don’t smoke or drink. I think the ultimate testament of a father is in how his children have grown, and I am “so” proud of my kids. There is “no way” that you can guarantee anything with children, because often they are subject to the same mistakes that “we” made growing up, but I can stick my chest out proudly for the way my kids love me back.  My baby graduated this morning, and it was a beautiful ceremony. This afternoon I have to take my son for his “second” driving test. I am keeping my fingers crossed that today can have “two” very positive outcomes, but if he doesn’t pass, I will still love him as if he did. I hope that other fathers out there experience the same feeling of euphoria that I have this morning when it comes to your kids. I consider fatherhood a blessing, and I feel sorry for any father who does not feel the same way. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you today, but hey, I have to brag about this to “someone.” That’s what proud parents do… Thank you for listening, and please have a great and “blessed” weekend.

Lyfe Jennings and Brett Jolly in the studio


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