Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: No time for me anymore)

What do you do when your man no longer has time for you? It seems as though we can never get together anymore because he is so busy. I have waited for him but it just doesn’t seem as though we are ever going to get together again. Is he trying to tell me something?

It is quite possible that he IS trying to tell you something. A lot of people have problems saying things directly, especially if they believe that what they say may end up “hurting” you. If your relationship is not what it was at the beginning, then you might want to determine if there was something (or anything) that you might have done to “turn him off.” If there IS something that is turning him off about you, chances are good that it is something that he has probably “already” mentioned to you before. Love is something that “starts” with the physical attraction, but either “solidifies” or “evaporates” after you get to “learn” more about the individual. We should always be able to communicate in relationships and be truthful (even if the truth is tough to face sometimes). You should take the opportunity to ask him if there is anything that is “turning him off” about your relationship. That would give him the opportunity to divulge to you what (if anything) is wrong. It doesn’t seem normal for a lover to suddenly “stop” seeing you (unless, of course, there are some “other” factors involved). You have a right to know. If you have this conversation with him, it will be important to discuss things in a “calm and peaceful” manner. Screaming and hollering will only “set the wrong mood” and probably end up taking your relationship even “further” apart. Be willing to talk, but it is very important that you be willing to listen as well.  If he refuses to talk to you, then it is time to move on and forget him. No one needs to be in a relationship with someone who refuses to “return” love back. If there “is” something wrong, it “may” be fixable, but it will take “good communication” to bring it out. Be prepared to “hear” what he has to say, no matter how much it may “hurt.” If he has to tell you the truth, then you need to be ready to “hear it” from him (and it may not be pleasant).  Good luck to you, and please excuse this intrusion from the Phantom Poet:

I think I am still in a relationship but as far as I can see
I don’t think my man has anymore time left for me
We don’t see each other much and I try not to act prissy
He says he is sorry about that but he is always so busy
I am wondering if there is something that he is trying to tell?
I just can’t imagine why our relationship is not going so well
I had to confront him about it to know just what he thinks
He said, “Baby, I hate to tell you, but your breath… it stinks”
Well, I can correct that by brushing more. It comes with practice
He said my breath was powerfully bad and “huge” like “Galactus”
The truth can sometimes hurt, if you know what I mean
but if I want to keep my man, then I’d better stock up on Listerine
I then asked him if there was anything else that I could do
He said, “It might help if you could wash up a little more too”
He said that every time we got together underneath the cover
He said I smelled like “fifty ways to leave your lover”
I guess I found out the problems with my relationship today
So I will buy toothpaste and Calgon and let it “take me away”
There can be problems with every relationship but this I can now see
I am thankful to my man for at least “opening up” to me
He could have said nothing and we would have split up, I guess
But even though the truth may hurt, it is important, nonetheless
So if you expect something is wrong, then even though you may fear it
You need to communicate with your lover, and just be prepared to “hear it”

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