Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Security vs Privacy)

Recently I have heard “uproar” over the NSA (National Security Agency) requesting the records of Verizon phone and internet records. While the whistle had been blown on this revelation I was eager and anxious to check out what some of the responses would be. I found there are some people who are actually “appalled” over the “violation of privacy.” There are others who feel their “constitutional rights” were violated. There are also those who now no longer trust the government. “Some” news media are attempting to blow this up into a “major” scandal much like that of “Watergate.” As for me, I find it difficult to fathom that “all this time” no one even “remotely figured” that the government “spies” on people. In fact, with such a huge network of people in this country, how could we ever expect to protect ourselves “without” doing so? “SOMEONE” has to have access to phone records, and while using them to spy on people might be considered “invasive” just imagine where we would be “without” it. We all know that the government has “surveillance” equipment that is “literally” out of this world (such as satellites, etc). Because of that type of surveillance we have “already” been protected from “would be” terrorists. For those would worry about “privacy” I cannot help but “giggle.” There are cameras just about “everywhere” you go in the major cities (and beyond). What you look at on television is “always” being monitored and I am sure your “surfing of the web” is also subject to inspection. When it comes to “privacy” I believe our constitutional rights were violated a “long time ago.” Now all of a sudden it is “shocking” to find out that our government checks our phone records and internet activity. As one high ranking political figure said, “It’s called PROTECTING America.” I must say that I “wholeheartedly” agree… There are enough crazed individuals “throughout this world” to “MORE than justify” the need to “monitor” activity. Some of that monitoring may have “already” saved your life or the life of a close loved one without you even knowing it. I fully understand the desire for privacy. I am a private person in my own right. However, if I have to choose between my privacy and my life, the latter will win out over the former “each and every” time. If you feel your rights were “violated” here in the United States, why don’t you try living in some of those “other” countries where your privacy is practically “non-existent?” NO ONE wants to feel as though all of his or her conversations are monitored, but so what? I am sure at this point the government has heard all sorts of “embarrassing statements and declarations.” I would not be surprised if they are monitoring my Daily Thought as well. Anything I say here I would gladly say anywhere. Our government has to be able to protect us from random acts of violence, and if they need phone records and internet activity to do so, then they have my full support. Maybe they can even find a way to arrest “telemarketers.” That would be awesome. Security should be an important issue for everyone. What good are your phone records if you cannot live your life in safety? This should be “nothing new” and I think it’s time we start realizing those things that “need to be done.” As always, I welcome any and “all” opposing points of view. Thank you much, and please applaud for the entrance of the Phantom Poet:

When I talk on to my baby, I always felt our conversations were just our own
but now I realize that the government can check out our dialogue on the phone
So now I guess if I want to talk intimately, sending her an email online will do
Unless, of course, the government has found a way so stalk the internet too
We feel we have a right to expect privacy when conversing with close friends
Now people will worry about those “naked” phone pictures that everyone sends
If the government can access Verizon’s customers, then hardly anyone will be missed
And I am sure some of those naked pictures went on the government’s “Most wanted list”
If the government was going to do that, I feel the least they could have done was “warn”
Now I’m afraid the government will know about my surfing the web for “diseased water buffalo” porn
I only went there because I was curious to know….and there wasn’t any other reason
So I don’t want you to think I get “turned on a lot” during their “mating season”
To say that the customers of Verizon don’t feel “violated” would certainly be “remiss”
And if they can’t find acts of terrorism in my picture, then what will they do with this?
I have put some really embarrassing things online, and it was much more than suspected
But I guess it all might be worth it if the people can now feel more “protected”
We have to search the media so that we can have a way to defeat acts of terror
but if they intercept a picture I sent of me naked, then that will sure be “THEIR” error
So the very next time you have personal discrete interaction and think your talk is sacred?
Just know that the government might be checking you out, and seeing your behind “naked”

“This lady’s body looks like a REAL act of terror”… The Phantom Poet

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