Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: theories of life origins)

Hello. I have an interesting topic that my friends and I wanted to pose to you. My friends and I were having a disagreement about the actual beginning of human life. One friend is more scientific in nature and believes in the concept of evolution. He says there is proof that we descended from apes. I told him that God created us in his own image, and therefore the theory of evolution is not sufficient. I would love to know your opinion as to how human life “actually” came to be. Thank you.

I consider myself to be religious (or saved, if that is how you prefer to view it). I actually DO believe in a supreme being (God, Allah, or whatever name others use refer to) that is the ruler and maker of this earth. Now if you go by scientific study and look at old bones that show man evolving from a lessor form of life then you are entitled to think that way, but I think it would be important to consider “this:” How did that lessor form of life even “get” here in the first place? What got the ball rolling for “ANY” life to form on this planet? As amazing as it is, newer species of life are still being discovered, but yet no one actually gets to “witness” HOW a new species develops. Here is something else for you to ponder. As babies, humans are totally dependent on adults for upbringing, safety and guidance. In other words, if human life started out in “baby” form then how could it secure it’s own food, raise itself and protect itself? SOME higher form of life had to intervene to help pave the way. Finally, if the theory of evolution is one where we actually “changed” through a historic time then why are we NOT “still” evolving? For example, one of the least needed body parts is the “little toe.” It doesn’t really do anything and there is no real purpose for it. Yet through the years of time, that little toe has not worn away due to evolution at all. I would think that if evolution plays a part in our current state then why doesn’t it “continue” to happen? There are scientists who will claim that things like Noah’s ark didn’t happen, or that there are no such things as aliens or ghosts. I say that if “we” exist then just about “anything else” can possibly exist, and that “includes” a “supreme” being. Scientists can only formulate through their own knowledge, but what if that knowledge is somehow “incomplete?” Do we in fact know “everything” that we need to know to “justify” our existence? I would never be one to refute science, but I also know that not “ALL” things are “explainable.” Evolution may incorporate the concept of “change” but it still doesn’t explain how we got here. Until it does, I am sticking with “God.” Hopefully, you will too… Thank you for posing this topic, and please welcome someone who needs no introduction, the Phantom Poet:

When discussing the very origins of life, my friends and I were seeking a solution
I believe in the ways of the Bible, while they are more in tune with evolution
I will stick with my religion, and if this seems like I am in defiance
I just have faith, and that should not be any knock on science
My friends said we descended from apes, and this I just cannot see
Even if science proves that, it still doesn’t explain how we came to be
The scientists theories are based on old skeletons that they had found
But if we descended from apes, then why are monkeys “still around?”
Scientists “believe” they have the theory on the development of the human race
but their logic still doesn’t explain just how we even got here in the first place
And how do they explain other forms like snakes, lizards, moose and piranha?
I think we need to tell that scientist to sit down and “have a banana”
Because if a scientist asks my opinion, I will surely turn and give him the “nod”
As far as I am concerned, the only reason we are here is because of God
There are “many” theories and explanations, but if you really want to know the reason why?
I think you can find all the answers you seek, but confronting a source much higher… than you or I…

“Have a blessed day today”… the Phantom Poet

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Singer Stephanie Mills and Brett Jolly




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