Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Gay basketball player)

Jason Collins, a recent center for the Washington Wizards basketball team made a startling proclamation with a recent interview in Sports Illustrated magazine. He became the first player from a “major” sport to openly announce that he is “gay.” What possessed him to come out? Currently he is 34 years old and a free agent (which means that he is virtually without a basketball team at this moment). Chances are that at this stage of his career most teams would pass on him anyway (The career span of most pro ball players “rarely” gets past the mid thirties in age). He was not a “Hall of Fame” player, but he was a big guy who helped free up teammates like Jason Kidd to become all stars. What does his statement do for professional sports? I honestly don’t know, but I feel this could be the first step towards an “attitude adjustment for all.” There have been gay players in sports before but in order to keep peace none of them ever came out about  it. Maybe “now” is the time… Jason Collins had nothing to lose and the moment was right for “someone” to do it. There are times when society needs to accept change, and this may well be one of those moments. Many years ago, women were not allowed to vote, but through “change” they now have that right. Blacks were not allowed in sports (or most places) and society needed to overcome that thought as well. When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, he didn’t have the option of waiting until his career was almost over to announce that he was indeed “black.” Jason Collins at least had that advantage to be able to keep his way of life hidden. I just hope that more gay players “come out” now so that acceptance can develop more rapidly. Sometimes we tend to fear the things we know very little about. Being gay may be different, but if we can alleviate our own stereotypes then imagine how much better this world will be. I have no idea if Jason Collins will ever play another pro basketball game again, but I applaud him for taking the measures needed to “open our eyes.” How ironic if he becomes more well known for his proclamation than he does for his basketball abilities. If so, then “so be it” but there are times when the world needs to “wake up.” Hopefully Jason Collins statement can at least be the “alarm clock.” Have a great day and here is that radical, the Phantom Poet:)

This is a little story about a gentleman basketball player in the NBA
His career was only average, but he is making news because he’s gay
Normally we shouldn’t  have so much fanfare to come along with it
But it is making news because now he decided to admit it
If anyone knew about it during his career, they must have kept it secret
That was probably the best thing to do, because people know how crazy we get
It could have caused a lot of friction, and probably added some unnecessary drama
But in this case, I am glad that Mr. Collins got a call from President Obama
The world is changing, and for those people who find this hard to see
It all makes for a better world when it is accepted by you and me
So if you act out against homosexuality, I hope someone with sense gives you a nudge
Because the numbers are growing rapidly, and just who are you to even judge?
All human life is precious and we should all treat it as though it’s sacred
And there is really no need for anyone to display so much hatred
So if you harbor animosity, then that says a lot about you, you see
Some of these gay people are more decent than you could ever be
So if you encounter a gay individual, I hope you never live to regret the words you said
Because there’s a difference in viewing things with an open mind, as opposed to a “hole” in your “head

“Space, the final frontier”… The Phantom Poet

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