Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Married player)

Hello, and I want to tell you that I enjoyed your article yesterday about the man who can’t seem to spend time with a woman. Well, I want to know about how it is from the woman’s side. There is this man who seems nice but hardly ever calls me. He keeps telling me that he is looking for a wife but yet whenever I call him he is never available. He never answers when I call and always calls me back later while talking quietly. I don’t know any of his friends or family members and he hasn’t told me where he works. I don’t even know what he does for a living. I have known this man for over 5 months and we have yet to go out anyplace together. We don’t talk a lot and I have no idea where he lives (he said that his mother lives at home and she does not welcome any visitors). I think I am a great woman for anyone but how do I get this man to realize that?

I don’t know how to tell you this, but home boy is “married.” He is using you as his “chick on the side” and he calls you whenever it is convenient for him or he has “spare time.” If a man refuses to introduce you to friends or family then there is usually a “reason” for that… “marriage!” If he isn’t married then he has a live-in girlfriend, but rest assured what he is telling you is NOT what he is “practicing.” He can only put you on hold as long as you “let” him, but you should not waste your young life away waiting by the phone for him to call. ANY man that keeps you from his world like that has “something” to hide, and you need to realize that you can do much better looking elsewhere. If you decide to hang onto the prospects of waiting for him, it will only lead you into depression, and he doesn’t deserve to have that much power over you. NO woman should allow herself to be treated like a “leftover.” The worst thing you can do is sit idly at home with nothing to do but reflect on him. You need to get dressed up, and go mingle at some nice event where you can reject ALL the men who make advances towards you (No, you don’t have to reject them all, but it will probably make you feel good if you do). Some men can talk a really good game, but it is important for a woman to look “below” the surface when it comes to the things some men say. If he is looking for a wife that badly then why isn’t he calling you more often? ANSWER!: “Because he already HAS one.” The more you give his lies “credibility” the more lies he will send your way. Forget about him, and focus more on “you.” Whenever he calls, don’t even answer, and then see what he does to try to catch up to you. You are worth a lot, but it is important that you see that for yourself first. Do yourself a favor and “let go” of this “dead weight.” Here is the Phantom Poet to bring this point home:

Five months ago this new man decided to enter into my life
He rarely calls but when he does he says he wants a wife
He said he wants marriage (or at least that is what he told me)
But yet I don’t know any of his friends or any of his family
He said that he is single but I don’t know if that is really true
Maybe the child booster seat in the back of his car is a clue
He said he wants to marry me but somehow these doubts linger
Especially when I look at the “white” ring tan line on his “wedding” finger
He calls me at weird hours and all these should be “red flags”
So in order to find out the truth, I ran background checks on his “tags”
Oh, I found out a lot about him and as far as being in “love” relates
This mongrel has 3 different wives in at least 3 different states
I then let him know that for his way of life I don’t intend to smother
but then I decided to mail info and pictures of his wives to each other
I found he also has kids but he will soon be engulfed in child support
And if he is still looking for a wife, he will soon find 3 in “divorce court”
This man was the ultimate playa and that is the only way for me to call it
But his ex-wives are about to take one LARGE sum of money out his wallet
As for me, I go out dressed up to clubs and events where I can go mingle
And I saw him there, and he let me know that right now he really “IS” single
ALL his wives divorced him and now he is out looking for some serious romance
I turned around to show him how good I look, walked away and said “No chance”
So now I’m looking for a husband, and when I mingle I am no longer afraid
Because I feel good knowing that this game playing man just got himself “played’

“Retribution is inevitable”… The Phantom Poet

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