Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: How can I get her attention?)

Hello, and I was wondering if you can help me out. There is this beautiful girl that I am really interested in, but sometimes she acts like she is into me and sometimes it seems like she doesn’t care. I can’t figure her out. She asks me when am I going to take her out and yet every time I call her she never answers the phone and never responds to text messages. On Facebook the other day she posted a picture of her relaxing in a hotel room by herself. I have no problem with that, except for the fact that the picture had to be taken by someone else other than her. Should I view this as a red flag or am I reading too much into this? Please advise.

I understand where you are coming from. A man doesn’t like to get “mixed signals” from a woman (and vice versa). As for the hotel picture, only “she” can explain that. However, I would not jump to conclusion too fast on this one. There ARE cameras out there with “timers” on them, and if she does indeed have one then all that is needed is for her to set the controls and then go pose. Without “positive proof” that she had someone there you should not make any unnecessary accusations. Now when it comes to spending time with her, she could be ignoring you to see just “how much” you want her (and to what extremes you will go to get her). Maybe what you are offering is not what she feels she is worth. However, if she truly IS into you then maybe you should offer something a little more extravagant. While it may cost you some money, you might want to consider offering her a night out to a great show (and possible overnight getaway). You can let her know that if you don’t hear from her by a certain time then you will have to find someone else to go with. Most women need to have communication with someone in their lives, so if you left messages for her chances are good that she reads (or listens) to them. If she didn’t check her messages then her voice mails would be “full” by now (and you would get that recording alerting you to that fact). You don’t need to blow up her phone a lot, but you may just need to “step up your game.” Make her an offer that most women “won’t” refuse and see what happens. Then once the ball is in her court it will be up to her to either “accept it” or “reject it.” If you get no response after your “top” offer then it may be time to move on. Good luck to you and here is the Phantom Poet:

There is this really beautiful girl that I am really interested in
I want to get to know her but I just don’t know where to begin
She never answers any of my messages and I just can’t figure her out
“Congratulations. NOW you know what the concept of women is all about”
When it comes to “explaining women” most men have nothing to show
And when you ask some women, it seems they themselves don’t even know
A man once “defined” it when he came to this majestic conclusion
After dealing with his woman he would only say “confusion”
You can spend the rest of your life wondering what women are all about
But know that as men we can’t live with them, and we can’t live “without”
When a woman has needs a man should never ever neglect
And to fill her desires, you may need to offer something she’d never expect
For you, it may not take much of a light to set her heart aflame
But if you are not getting through, then it may be time to “step up” your game
And once you figure out what makes her tick, then you may be happily amused
And if you end up marrying her, then you both can live “happily ever… confused”

“Is this the reason why most women out-live their men?”… The Phantom Poet

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