Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The aftermath of the Boston tragedy)

It seems as though the last chapter of the Boston terrorist saga may be closed, but there are still some issues remaining. For those of you who don’t know, the 2 brothers responsible have been identified and hunted down (one of them was killed while the other was captured in serious but stable condition). The event that took place a week ago had an effect on all of us, and many throughout the world felt the pain and anguish that the people of Boston endured. It is important for authorities to determine the motives behind their attacks and to possibly root out any cells in the area that may possibly harbor similar interests. Aside from that, I have heard people say that they don’t know if they can ever feel safe anymore going to public events such as the marathon. How can authorities properly handle any other terrorists who may hide within the crowds waiting to commit other violent acts? Law enforcement can answer this better than I can, but for today I can offer maybe a few suggestions. First, in this case these men had to be able to sneak “bombs” through a rather large crowd “unnoticed.” In order to do so the bombs had to be “concealed.” These men wore backpacks and that could have been a red flag. When you think about it, how many people (who are not running in the race or associated with people in the race) will carry backpacks to an event such as this? Maybe police can subject all items of a possible “suspicious” nature to inspection (just like they do in the department stores for people who have bags). They can’t do this for the length of the entire race but they CAN do this around the finish line (where most people are prone to congregate). Also maybe they can install metal detectors only for the people around the finish line as well. This might impede a lot of the traffic attending, but it may be worth the effort for better security. You see, terrorists usually want to take out the “greatest” number of people in the best “visual” places, which is why the finish line was so important. You can’t secure the whole entire race, but if you increase security at the finish line then it could make the greatest difference. Also, in order to thwart a terrorist we must first “think” like a terrorist. MOST of them will try to conceal their identities by wearing items such as hats or caps and or course, shades to hide their physical facial features. There is a need for more camera coverage around the important areas so that no one will be able to attend without being photographed in “some” way. THAT could be a huge deterrent to those who don’t want their identities revealed. Finally, it is up to us to be the “eyes” and “ears” for police. If anyone is either acting of looking suspiciously then there is no harm in at least “reporting” it to authorities. We don’t want to put everyone through unnecessary interrogation but an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. All in all, it was a GREAT job by law enforcement tracking down these individuals and in the end justice was served. The city of Boston united greatly around this incident and they are to be applauded for the way this was handled. Hopefully through this city’s adversity we all can learn something that will help prevent future acts of terror from happening in other parts of the world. Have a great day today, and we will start out week off with the Phantom Poet:

When terrorists wanted to commit violence, they had to know it would eventually cost them
But that didn’t stop these two brothers who decided to terrorize people in Boston
They had lots of explosive devices that they intended to use at will
And in the end they didn’t care how many people they had to kill
To allude police they drove recklessly and often their car swerved
But in the end (as with ALL terrorists) for them, justice was “served”
They tried to place bombs everywhere they could and then those bombs were ignited
They killed and injured a few people, but the citizens of Boston remained united
One of the suspects was shot and killed and the other one was shot in the throat
He was eventually captured in serious condition laying unconscious in a boat
Authorities discovered and apprehended them quickly, and this should not be forgotten
It shows that terrorists will ALWAYS receive justice (Just ask Osama bin Laden)
It is most important to note the love and affection they world bestowed Boston’s way
It lets me know that this world cares after all and that love prevails today
Hopefully we all can learn from this episode and better security can be proposed
But for now all feels peaceful and right, and hopefully this chapter can be labeled “closed”

“From the Phantom Marathon runner”

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