Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Walking)

Here in Philadelphia our spring weather has finally come around, and whenever the warmer weather  is here is I try to do a lot more “walking.” For me, walking accomplishes a lot. It helps me to relax more, and it is also a healthy activity that also “clears the mind.” When I was younger I would always level any frustration I had by playing basketball. Back then it was awesome for me, because the more frustrated I felt the more I would try to take it out on my opponent. There were days where I had some “really” great games. Now I am just a “tad” bit older (Hey, I can still play the game, thank you) but I have to protect my investment in my “fingers” so now I just take the initiative to walk more. Sometimes I may only go around the block, but “any” bit of this activity helps me significantly. I think about song concepts while I walk. I think about what tunes I may want to sing. I think about different ways to make money. Walking is therapy for me, and I honestly believe that walking can be therapy for others as well. EVERYONE needs a release from the stress that others try to put on us. If you have nothing to counter it, then all that stress will be bottled up within you and then it will eventually all come out anyway (usually in a very “bad” way). You may have other methods for relieving tension and that is fine as long as it works for you. For instance, this morning I was having computer issues and it was a tough time  trying to get online to even DO my Daily Thought. It felt as though this was going to be a very tough day for me so I just took a walk around the block and now I feel much better. This will not be one of my regular Daily Thoughts but I hope that this is helpful to someone reading it. We have to find a way to make life work for us, and if you don’t have something to counter negativity then life is not working for you, but you are working for life. It is important to recognize the things you can do to make your own life better, and if walking can help, then by all means walk off into the sunset:) I am late for things I have to do today so I apologize if my Daily Thought is short. Thank you for your support and I hope to be back even better tomorrow. Have a great day.

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Stephanie Mills and Brett Jolly