Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Crazy Fools”)

“Crazy fools and how to deal with them.” In each person’s life he or she is bound to come across some “crazy fool.” Crazy fools are people who do things that make no sense (and yet to them none of that will matter). They are only interested in carrying out their agendas with no regards to what the consequences may be. The first step when dealing with a crazy fool is to in fact “recognize” that this fool “IS” crazy. Also, you need to be able to diagnose just “how” crazy this fool is, because that could determine what you need to do to handle his “situation.” Currently in North Korea there is a “crazy fool”in charge. He talks a lot of rhetoric about going into “nuclear war” with his enemies. No one can understand the motivation behind  his words and actions and it feels as though he has no desire to negotiate with anyone. This man is a young man of about 30 years who practically “inherited” his power from his father and grandfather. It has been determined that he does in fact have a small nuclear arsenal at his disposal. What makes this man so crazy is not what he has already done, but rather what he is “hinting” at doing. As a new leader in power, you should never even “imply” that you want to engage in a nuclear war (especially when you are “ill equipped” to win one). I remember years ago sitting in a certain location in South Carolina at Shaw Air Force base. I watched those military planes take off and I marveled at how “technologically superior” they were. I realized that if the United States ever got into a war with anyone they would be overwhelmed by the arsenal we have. North Korea recently told employees and foreign embassies to evacuate in lieu of war. So far it appears that no one in South Korea is really taking this dictator “seriously.” In fact, most of the South Koreans are still living everyday normal lives. When a crazy fool gets ignored, that is often when his craziness reaches higher levels and it makes him more “unpredictable.” It feels as though this crazy fool wants respect. If he doesn’t get it, then how crazy will he get? The next few  days should determine whether he has “stuff” or “bluff.” He has painted himself in a corner where he hasn’t left himself much room to negotiate his way out of it, and that is a dangerous sign. There are “crazy fools” all over the world, and as long as these particular fools don’t have weapons that can kill then all is well. Here in the United States we seem bent on supplying deadly weapons to crazy fools who will shoot people at random, including little kids in elementary schools. As much as we “need” to tighten the gun laws there  are people out there who want to fight on the side of the “crazy fools.” To me, this makes “them” crazy fools as well. A weapon in the wrong hands should never be ignored or allowed. I have no idea what will happen with this situation in North Korea, but I do know that if this crazy fool has an “ounce” of sense he will refrain from pointing those missiles “anywhere,” and if we have any sense we will “change” the laws so that crazy fools won”t have such “easy” access to weapons of destruction. We will NEVER be able to “rid” this world of crazy fools. There is already a magnificent abundance of these people with “more” on the way. We do need to unite against them “before” they actually do something “crazy.” In order for this world to survive we need to follow the concept of “peace.” For those who refuse to live it we have the option of fighting “fire with fire.” Let’s hope and pray for the world’s sake that common sense prevails in the end. Here is the Phantom Poet to make his own point:

There’s some crazy fool in North Korea who wants to use  nuclear bombs and more
This fool seems Hell bent on trying to engage in nuclear war
He already has a bomb or few that he is willing to use as a tool
That’s why the world is recognizing him as a crazy fool
He seems mad at the world and he has engaged in several reckless scenes
He risks the possibility of getting his country “blown to smithereens”
It appears as though he wants respect, but no one is willing to give him some
So he is threatening to go to war, but can he really be that “dumb?”
Here in the states, we also have fools as crazy as they can be
Because they want to make it easy for other crazy fools to go on a shooting spree
They are only interested in their right to bear arms, but nothing here is funny
Because the NRA is a powerful organization that has LOTS of money
They give graciously to politicians and they are extremely strong willed
As long as they get paid, they don’t care WHO gets killed
All of this is astounding to me, and these people never cease to amaze me
Just how in the world is it even possible for people to be so damn “crazy?”
The consequences usually result in catastrophe and world altering events
When all of this could be averted with just a “little bit” of common sense
Just imagine how many of these tragedies we would never have to face
If we just made it difficult for these fools to get guns in the “first” place
All we want is to live in a world where love and peace will always rule
And we don’t need to have our lives dictated by the antics of some “crazy fool.”

“Spoken from the heart of the Phantom Poet”

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