Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: How to tell if he is lying?)

Hey Phantom Poet, I have a friend who is interested in this guy but not sure if he has someone or not.  She likes him a lot and he’s a pretty good catch, that’s why she is not sure of his status.  How does one know if he is telling the truth or hiding something?  Can you give me some signs to look out for? She really likes this guy and wants to be sure before going to the next step.
Uh huh! YOU got a friend too? I have heard this before. It is amazing how all these people now have “FRIENDS” that have problems (smile). Well, let’s see if we can’t help your “FRIEND” out…First, you can find out a lot from the things he “doesn’t” say and “how” he doesn’t say them. If he does not want to introduce you to his family or friends then chances are there is a reason behind that. If he doesn’t want you to know where he lives or where he works then there is likely a reason behind that as well. A man can tell you anything, but is he willing to “show” you EVERYTHING? If he is sporting someone else then he will take evasive measures to keep you hidden from his personal world. Also, when you say that he is a “good catch” in what way do you mean that? Does he have lots of money or is he just a good all around guy? Remember, one woman’s “treasure” can be another woman’s “trash…” There are a lot of chances for men (AND women) to cheat and the best way to find out is to just get to know him. All relationships involve learning the other partner. It is also important to know what his responsibilities are. I have heard women say that they need a man who is available 24 hours a day, but chances are the only men who will fit that description are “park bums.” A successful man will have to work somewhere, and if you plan on knowing him then you will need to know his job AND his responsibilities. Time will tell, for no one can hide a secret lover for long without it getting found out at SOME point. Please make sure to let your “friend” know that… And while you are at it, let your friend check out this “dope lyric” from the Phantom Poet:
When it comes to secret lovers, how can you find out?
By getting to know your lover and then erasing all doubt
I am looking for any evidence, and I want to be as sure as I can be
Because I’m having my man checked out by the FBI, CIA AND KGB
But if he has another woman out there, I really want to know
I want to find out if he is a womanizer or just a flat out male ho
I need to be one with my man, because that is how my love relates
And I need to know if he’s got 7 different wives in (7 different states)
Has he been telling me the truth or has he in essence lied?
Is his life uncomplicated, or does he have something to hide?
When a woman wants a relationship with a man, she doesn’t need any drama
She doesn’t want to get confronted one day by 2 or 3-baby momma
When we walk downtown together, I want to be sure of his status
I don’t need angry scorned women staring straight at us
My man told me he was single, but somehow I doubt he’s all mine
Maybe it’s because of that woman we just passed holding up a sign
She seemed to be pretty angry towards him and she had an attitude of sort
On her sign it had my man’s name and it said, “Pay Child Support”
I don’t want to get involved in other people’s affairs, but I wonder if this is true
Then we passed 3 more women with signs all saying, “Me, too”
I asked him about these women and he said that he really isn’t sorry
He said, “Those kids ain’t mine at least until after we appear on Maury”
Maybe my man is a playa, and maybe it’s time for this relationship to end
Oops, I’m sorry… This story isn’t about me… “Ahem! It was about my “FRIEND”
“Yeah… Right!” The Phantom Poet


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