Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Photography)

Today I would like to talk about my “other” hobby (or pastime). As much as I love music, over the past few years I have developed a great love for “photography.I am not sure if I can remember how I even managed to get into this field, but as a young boy I “loved” to “draw.” I would draw comic book superheroes and sometimes I would post a sign outside my house offering to sell the drawings. Believe it or not, I actually sold a “lot’ of my drawings, even though being an artist became too “time consuming” for me. I also wanted to play basketball and music, so “something” had to go. Well, now that I am in my “later” years I have discovered that I could go back to my artwork through a camera lens. It allows me to be creative without taking up so much time from my other activities. Most of the time I am doing photo shoots of people, and I have received some great comments regarding some of the pictures I have taken. While I realize that I am still not up to the levels of most “professionals” it seems that so far I have been able to “hold my own.” Of course, most of the photo shoots I have done have been of women (but I actually have quite a few men pictures in my arsenal as well). It just seems as though more women prefer to have their pictures taken than men. One of the best parts about being a photographer is being able to help the subjects feel “psychologically” comfortable. You see, some may be doing this for the very first time and may not know how to relax in front of a camera. I will tell stories, crack jokes and just about do whatever is necessary so that the shoot is successful. I “love” to do outside work because the lighting is always better (except at night) and there is much more detail in the “background.” I have discovered that those who are normally shy tend to love it before we are finished (and most of them want to do more sessions again later). Amazingly, some of the shy ones will “quickly lose their inhibitions” as well, and whenever that happens I won’t try to stifle their creativity, but I also make sure that I don’t get caught up “with” any craziness. As a musician I have already “seen it all” so things of this nature don’t phase me. My guy friends are often envious but I let them know that I try to be nothing less than “professional” when taking pictures. I only care about how things look through the camera lens and I am usually so focused that I don’t even realize anything else that has transpired until after I get back home to edit the pictures. As much as I love doing this it will “never” replace my love for “music.” It does, however, offer me another “creative release.” Everyone should have an activity that brings them happiness, and if you don’t have one I would suggest you “find” one. Life is way too short to only have “one focus.” Of course, if you don’t try different things you may never know what you might like. Dare to find yourself within other activities and get the best from what life has to offer. By the way, I think “everyone” should have a photo shoot done. It is like having a “makeover” but the images can last a lifetime, and you can always revert back to how great you looked “back then.” If you are ever in the Philadelphia area and  would like one done, please feel free to contact me at Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and here is the Phantom Poet to display his “own likeness:”

Some people get their kicks from dressing up in beautiful gowns and business suits
Well I get my kicks from filming these people in great photo shoots
There is a lot of things to do in this life, and we only need to find our “part”
For me, taking pictures is the same as when I was younger doing “art”
When doing a shoot I like to find out what kind of pics you would like to propose
And I try my best not to get shocked if someone decides they want to “take off clothes”
I am only doing my job and to the subjects wishes I intend to cater
Besides, if you don’t look great naked, then you will be the one embarrassed “later”
You can spend time trying to tell me about what that ugly mole on your back is about
Or you can just let me do my job, and later on I will try to edit that sucker “out”
I try to make EVERYONE look great, and that includes the skinny and heavy ones too
But please don’t expect me to perform miracles, because that only God can do
If you don’t take pride in how you dress, then there is no need to even care
Because when it comes to shooting, the camera only gets “what’s there”
So if you feel you need to drink at a session, before you go off on those suckers
Just remember that your expressions might be jacked up after a few “cluckers”
So try to “represent yourself” right, dress appropriately and be clever
And hopefully after your pictures are done, you can cherish them… “forever”…

“While you are passed out on the floor, can we get  you to move to the right?” The Phantom Poet

Here is a recent picture I took. Thank you and have a great day.