Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Cold feet)

My ex-fiancé decided one day that our relationship was not worth keeping. I was so stunned when he told me this as we were in the midst of planning our wedding. My girlfriends told me they saw him at the club one night with another girl and she was sporting a diamond ring. A few years later I saw him at a concert with his male friends. He stopped and talked to me, asked me for my number. I gave it to him. He confided in me that he got cold feet when the wedding date came close that’s why he ran. He now wants another chance. Should I give it to him or should my feet get cold?
Second chances in relationships need to be handled with care, because when you make the first mistake it might be “shame on him”, but when you make the second mistake, it’s “shame on you.” Throughout life people WILL make mistakes, but it is not so important to judge them by the mistakes they made, but rather by what they “learned” from those mistakes. If I were you, I would not take him back fully without making him SHOW you just how “much” he has changed. It is one thing for him to say it, but it is another for him to “do” it. If you are thinking about allowing him back, then I think you need to make him EARN your trust again. Believe it or not, most men never realize what a great woman they had until after she has left from their lives. Then men will swear up and down that you were the only woman they ever loved anyway. If you do plan on taking him back, then you will need to “excuse” the thing(s) he did to you previously, because if you continue to harbor it constantly during the relationship it could have a very negative impact. Please note that I said “forgive” but not necessarily “forget.” You will always need to keep in the back of your mind the memories of what happened before so that you won’t allow history to “repeat” itself. Also, I would do a little investigation on him, to find out if he has been married or is STILL married. You would be surprised at the things you can find out about someone on the internet.  Whatever you decide, do NOT handle things the same way you did before. You need to be more aware and more cautious this time, and when it comes to certain “privileges” he may “desire early,” THEN you should get cold feet. In fact, make just about EVERYTHING cold until you completely trust him again. The harder you make it for him to come back into your life the more respect you will get from him for doing so. He needs to know what a great thing he messed up on. The fact that you already gave him your number means you have already at least “contemplated” taking him back. Just make sure you handle your business the right way… “This” time…  Here is the Phantom Poet with a cold lyrical verse:
When it comes to my ex-fiancé, I don’t want history to repeat
That is why when he asked me for my number, I got cold feet
When it came close to our wedding date, he got cold feet and ran
And afterwards he sported some other woman with a ring on her hand
If he says he truly loves you then there are things you should make him do
Since he broke your heart, make him wear your name as his tattoo
“If you’re serious about being my man, then at least show it to me”
“Go tattoo my name on your neck, for ALL the other women to see”
“To make sure that you are not someone who goes around breaking hearts”
“I want you to tattoo my name ALL over your body, including your private parts”
“That way I might believe you again and eventually come back out of my shell”
“And if it is painful to have it done on your private parts, then oh, what the hell”
“I am not without compassion, because I do care about you, you see”
“The pain you suffer from this tattoo won’t compare to the pain you caused ME”
“Now that you have gotten the tattoos done, your body is a work of art”
“And I thank you so much for having my name inscribed on your private part”
“At least this way I feel better about the possibility that our love won’t falter”
“Even though there is STILL a good chance I might leave your butt at the alter”
“What goes around comes around, and when you left it was bad for my health”
“So this time if you get stuck, you’ll have no one else to blame but yourself”
“And if I leave you at the alter, we can still reminisce over the good times had”
“And as for you getting my name tattooed all over you body? Oops, my bad…”
So when it comes to jilting women, all you men out here need to remember
“It’s safer to tattoo her name on your body, rather than have her “dismember”
Because women can be emotional, and that is how mos women love
And when it comes to your private part, she can surely be a cut “above”
“Baby, that is NOT detachable… Baby…?” The Phantom Poet

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