Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Getting laid off)

I am struggling with an issue that I am sure is effecting others as well. I was recently laid off from work. It wasn’t because I was a bad employee, but some of us got caught up in a numbers situation. A lot of places have released employees due to the economy. My problem is that I have bills to pay and no way to pay them. I do get unemployment but it is at a reduced figure from what I would normally make and now I have to re-budget everything. I have been looking for other jobs in my field of expertise but I cannot seem to find anything open. I don’t want to panic, but I am feeling a lot of pressure right now. Is there anything you can advise that will help?
You are currently going through an experience that MANY others have gone through (and some are still going through). Many places of employment are feeling the pinch of new technology along with the economy and to compensate these companies are adding more duties to their employees while letting go of ones that they consider “expendable.” My motto is, “If you can’t join them, then beat them.” You can continue to look for jobs that may not be available or you can attempt to start up your “own” business. While it is not an easy thing for most to do, there are seminars that can help you take your ideas and put them to use. You can also contact the Small Business Administration for helpful hints. The one thing that you have on your side is “experience” and that can make the difference in how others perceive you. For example, many people know me as a professional musician, so I often end up taking gigs with lots of different bands. However, I also have upgraded my value by writing and producing songs for artists (in the studio), shooting quality videos, making commercials, theme songs, web pages, and even photography. This way I have several options available for making money. I was not “born” rich and a lot of the things I wanted to accomplish were not easy financially. However, my dreams are paying off and I am making things happen, because I KNOW there are people out there who NEED my services. I did my homework on others in my same field and that is why I am able to offer an entire package to people for a LOT less money than most others in the same field. When becoming an entrepreneur, you need to KNOW your market, your product or service, and the market that you expect to target. You can actually build this WHILE you are looking for employment elsewhere so that at least you can have all your bases covered. Just remember that you don’t NEED to work for someone else in order to make a living.  You only need your faith in yourself and a really good “imagination.” Hey, when you become successful and need a web page or a commercial done hit me up. I can guarantee to give you a “great” rate (smile). When the going gets tough, the tough get going… You don’t have to be a victim to a recession. Just take what you know… and apply it… and here is the Phantom Poet who surely needs an application of something:
There are many things in life that you can do
But in order to make it happen you must first believe in you
If your expertise is exercise then you can be an instructor
If you happen to like trains then you can be a conductor
You can do whatever you like by following your own interests
And then you might even be able to start your own business
Because when you work for others, the findings can be sparse
And when you work for a cranky boss you’ll want to kick his “arse”
So when starting your own business the fruits you might see
Because then you will be in charge of your OWN destiny
All it takes is a little capital, and some finances to spare
And if it works you just might become a multi-millionaire
Because when no one opens doors for you, then you can open your own doors
And when you succeed then at that point the world is finally “yours”
And when you have money you can do a lot of things on just a whim
In fact, you can go buy our your old company, meet your boss and fire HIM
So you got fired from your job, but please note that you are by no means alone
But just remember that God bless the child… that can work his or her own…
“Get lifted”… The Phantom Poet


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