Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “He tries to deter me from my business aspirations”)

I don’t have a love relationship question, but I do have something that I hope you can help me out with. I am currently in a relationship with a very nice man, and he has a very good job. However, I am interested in starting up my own business and he keeps trying to persuade me to give up on my dream. He cites the economy and other factors that make me feel like it isn’t worth the effort. Should I give in to what he says or follow my dream?
For some reason or other this sounds like a love relationship question to me. The ideal concept of life is to “follow your dreams.” Some of the greatest accomplishments in history started as a small “light bulb” in someone’s mind. If you have something that you truly believe in, then you owe it to yourself to follow your own destiny.  Don’t allow your inspirations to be controlled by others, including those you are in relationships with. Can you imagine how it would have been if Oprah had never followed her vision? Women are playing much bigger roles in the development of our economy and if you give up on your own ideas you may NEVER realize or reach your fullest potential. When it comes to your man, I cannot tell you exactly why he is against your dreams, but I can pretty much speculate. He may be one of those men that have a problem with having a woman who is more successful than he is, and that might be a threat to his own insecurity. You have a right to be successful just like he does, and the worse thing a woman can do is let a man dictate her dreams, inspirations and desires for her… NO ONE should have that kind of control over you. A normal man who cares would support you. If your man keeps downplaying your inspirations, then just stop talking about it to him and just follow through with your plans without his knowledge. If it works and you become successful and wealthy, then you can tell him to quit “HIS” job. If for some reason in the unforeseeable future the both of you break up, then you will be sorry that you allowed him to stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Dare to imagine and take the steps necessary to  reach your goals in life, and if this man is considered “excess weight” when trying to reach the top, there is nothing wrong with letting go of “unnecessary baggage.”   Here is the Phantom Poet with his introduction statement:
When your man tries to persuade you to not go into business
Be successful with it anyway, and later on he’ll beg for your forgiveness
Of course he’ll tell you now that your chances of making it are slim
That’s because in reality he doesn’t want you to be more successful than HIM
The things he says to you are only meant as some motivational detractor
When in reality you should use his words as an inspirational factor
You should understand that you being successful probably wouldn’t fill “his” need
And there are plenty of men out there who can’t stand to see their woman succeed
For some reason when it comes to this scenario some men can’t comprehend it
Because it weakens their egos if a woman is deemed “independent”
You are entitled to your dreams as well, and your man should really stop stressing
Because in order for you to make it big, you really DON’T need his blessing
So if he tells you that in your relationship your hopes and dreams are not required
Do it anyway, make millions, buy his company and have HIM fired
Because women are becoming entrepreneurs too, and now businesswomen are living LARGE
And your man is just afraid that one day you will become the “Head B____ in charge.”
So when people ask about your love life, make sure you’re not at a loss
Just tell them “HE wears the pants, but I’M STILL the boss.”
“He doesn’t own nor control me, and I can do ALL that is desired”
“And if he doesn’t like that, then guess what? HE… is fired….”
“And you won’t get a raise from here anymore either”
                                                       ” The Phantom Poet”

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