Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought, (Topic: Owner hitting on her)

Subject. Owner hitting on me
I work in a very small accounting office. I really need my job since I am a single parent of 2 kids with little or no support from their father. The owner has been hitting on me and brushing up against me when he walks past me. His wife comes in the office every now and then and I am so frustrated that I want to tell her. But I’m afraid I’ll lose my job. How should I handle this?
There are things you can do, but it would be best to consider doing them in stages. First, I would purchase a small recording device. They have regular looking writing pens that can actually record audio and video. Once you get one of those, then the next time you believe your boss is going to hit on you it would be in the best interest to tell him that you are uncomfortable with his actions (while filming him in the process). Let him know that you just want to be able to do your job without fear of any sexual advances. Make sure you record the conversation clearly too. After you have recorded him in action (and hopefully you have several different recordings of him) it would be in your next best interest to alert his wife to his inappropriate behavior. Just in case she doesn’t believe you (which sometimes happens with spouses) then you can produce the videotape for her and help her see things from a better “perspective.” The LAST stage will be when you have enough evidence to sue him in court for sexual harassment. In this instance you will need to have several recordings of his advances and then contact a lawyer. Lawyers love cases that can easily be proven (because it means their money will be “guaranteed”). Once you are fired from your job you can threaten to take him to court and subsequently still get paid from him while sitting at home doing nothing. No one wants to lose a job during this struggling economy, but no one wants to be continually harassed at the workplace either. It is important to have events documented and furnish tangible proof when it comes to any wrongdoings in the workplace. Make sure you never lead him on in any way and wait until you have enough evidence in possession before going to that “next stage”. Just because he is your boss doesn’t give him the right to “own” you or harass you. Here is the Phantom Poet of conjure up some other remedies that you may regret hearing:
When it comes to my job, I am as frustrated as I can be
That is because the owner keeps brushing up against me
He also has been trying to hit on me too
I want to tell his wife, but is that the proper thing to do?
I really need this job since I have two kids to support
With enough evidence I might be able to prove harassment in court
I want to do my job, but I think I need protection
And I don’t want to be the object of his affection
There are times when he has me cornered and I wish I could escape
But my solution right now is to record him on videotape
Now I think I may have the answer to his “cheating” syndrome
Maybe I should just send the tape to his wife at home
And if she watches this tape and it never offends
Then maybe I should send copies to all his OTHER girlfriends
Or else I can give in to him, but on only one condition
I’ll let him know that I am into S&M, and he’ll need to “assume the position”
I’ll tie him up, whip him down and slash, cut and slice
And then tell him that if he wants me to stop, then we must up the price
I will make a mess out of him, and to ensure him that this is no hoax
He will have to pay more money for each, any and ALL strokes
Then when he tells me he has had enough and he is ready to go
I will keep on whacking him and just tell him “No.”
I’ll make him regret ever wanting to have me around
There will be no sexual enjoyment. I just want to beat him down…
Then finally when he thinks he has been beaten within a fraction of his life
I’ll announce my surprise guest to come finish the job… none other than his wife
When she comes in and takes over, he might want to notify his next of kin
That is provided that after his wife is finished there will be anything left of him
And hopefully for letting his wife know she will be the first to offer me praise
And let me know that she is in charge now, and I will be getting my “raise”
And hopefully thank me for my patience and before I forget
“You can have a couple of days vacation, because I ain’t through with him yet”
“Job well done”… The Phantom Poet

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