Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: severed friendships over elections)

The Presidential election is over,  and so I have decided to sever a few of my relationships. Some of the people I worked with in the past remained friends until I learned they do not and did not support President Obama.  Am I crazy, or what?

Considering the final results of the election, there were quite a “few” people who did not support President Obama. The victory was not a landslide but it was at least sizable enough to determine Obama as  the winner. I have heard of people “deleting” friends off of Facebook who didn’t support Mitt Romney. Some people took the election so seriously that they totally lost composure after it was over. It doesn’t have to be “this” extreme… If you think you might be crazy, then I can assure you that you have a “lot” of company. The main objective should be for “all of us” to work together. President Obama needs the help of Republicans and Republicans in turn need to interact with President Obama. Those people who did not (and still will not) support President Obama have no choice but to “accept” him as our president. While they may not share your same political views it is no reason to sever friendships or relationships. There was enough of this animosity “before” the election, and now it is time to accept the results and “move on.” The United States is a country rampant with “diversity.” We have different religions, different customs and different political views. Many of us are quick to judge things that we don’t quite understand. Those people who now don’t support Obama may be the same ones to benefit from his new tenure in office. Only time will tell if he was the right choice for this term. However, in the meantime we need to depend on each other more than ever, and that includes in the workplace as well. Friendships are valuable assets to have, and while we should be allowed to have different opinions we should not let our diversity “impede” us from interacting. The ability to “stand united” is what makes us such a strong nation. The Presidential election is over, but you “still” have a choice… You can alienate yourself from those whose views differ from yours, or you can accept them for what they believe in and still try to work for some form of “common ground.” We all need each other, so now is the perfect time to “act like it.” Here is that candidate that got %100 of the “non-existent vote,”… The Phantom Poet:

My friends act as though they want to shoot, stab and “bomb” me
That’s because they threw their support behind candidate  Mitt Romney
This only fueled fires that resulted in backlash and political trauma
Because I was steadfast in my support for President Barack Obama
Now the elections are over and some of these friendships I decided to sever
And NOW I am starting to wonder if that idea was even clever
You see, MY candidate won while their candidate lost
The election was so intense that our friendships it cost
And just because these people didn’t agree with what I had to say
It doesn’t mean that our friendships have to end in this way
This is the land of diversity and while everyone may not like my choice
We should now focus on more important matters, like who is best on “The Voice”
Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we all threw in the towel?
Just because on “American Idol” no one really likes Simon Cowell?
The show must go on and we need to last through the weather
Just because I think you’re an “idiot” doesn’t mean we can’t still work together
We can still accomplish objectives if we all get together and “pull”
Because if “ignorance is bliss”, then you are surely “bliss-FULL”
So you don’t have to agree with me, and I don’t have to agree with you
But as long as we both agree to work together, then this concept will surely do
If we can be willing to give it a try, then hopefully others will want to “consider it”
Even though once it’s over and we get back home, I think you’re a “functional illiterate”
We CAN work together, and this proves that strength can increase in “number”
No matter if I still think that your views make you dumb, dumb… and “dumber”….

“I wish you could vote for some common sense”… The Phantom Poet

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The Miracles (formerly of Smokey Robinson fame) and Brett Jolly in concert

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Lost wedding ring)

Subject: Lost my wedding ring


After nine years of marriage, I lost my wedding band last week. I swear I didn’t take if off in a bar or hide it because I was having an affair. It just slipped down the drain at the gym. But I’m afraid my wife won’t believe me. Should I tell her what happened, or just go buy a replacement ring without her knowing?
Oh yeah, we all know THAT one…. The old “ My ring slipped off at the gym” excuse… That rates right up there with the “Some mad dog chased me down the street and ate my ring” theory…  Or how about “ I celebrated the Obama victory by throwing my hands in the air and the ring slipped off into the crowd” theory…  Oh, THIS is a highly used one… “These guys mugged me in an alley and took my ring” excuse… uh huh… Well, if it DID slip off of your finger and fall down the drain, then it must have been REALLY over-sized for your finger.  Well, no matter what you decide, your wife is going to notice at SOME point that you are NOT wearing a ring, so you’d best act fast. I don’t know your wife, but I’ll wager she would appreciate honestly from you before anything else. When you lie or try to hide things they have a tendency to haunt you later on. As long as you come to her honestly and tell the truth then she shouldn’t have any reason to doubt you (well, maybe just a “little”). You need to give your wife credit for knowing you well enough to determine if you are lying. Women may not always say it, but I believe that most of them know. When you start pausing to think of what you should do next then it only leads me to think that you might be trying to hide something from her. The best way to avoid having to lie to your mate is to first make sure you are never in a position where you’d have to even CONSIDER lying to him or her. The next best way is to just practice honesty… and don’t lie. When you do tell her the truth, let her go WITH you to purchase a new replacement ring if she wants to. Mistakes happen to us all. It is when we try to find an easier way to mention these mistakes that we often compound the issue by not being truthful from the jump. Don’t make this any worse than what it is. Tell her, and then go GET a new ring that fits better. In the long run, it should make you BOTH happier. Come on in and blow now, Phantom Poet:
I just lost me wedding ring, because it was fitting too loose
And on top of it, I don’t have a very good excuse
If I don’t come up with something good to tell my wife
Then I’m afraid I may have to fear for my life
Do you think I could get away with lying to her face?
I got it! I’ll say aliens kidnapped me from outer space
The experimented on me, then put everything intact
But they FORGOT to put my wedding ring back
If THAT doesn’t work, then I’ll say something else, I guess
Maybe I can say it was confiscated by the IRS
Or I could say some thugs stole it…yes, that I can say
And that we can probably find it for sale up on Ebay
But if I say all of these excuses, I just won’t have any proof
Maybe the only thing I can really do is tell her the truth
For me to lose my wedding ring is truly inconceivable
And my story to her is downright unbelievable
So I went to tell my wife, and a valuable lesson I surely learned
She said she knew, and the gym plumber found the ring and had it returned
She said she was just waiting in the wings to see what excuse I would use
And then said, “When you tell the truth, then you have nothing to lose”
Then she said, “I love you for being honest with me”
“Let’s go upstairs and be as naughty as we can be”
NOW I feel glad that I didn’t lie
And my wife thinks that I am upstanding guy
So when it comes to being truthful, it works, so don’t knock it
Dang! I forgot to take some girl’s phone number out of my pocket
If my wife finds out, I am not sure of what I can say
Maybe I’ll just tell her that some girl lost it along the way…
Can’t make a leopard change its spots… unless you spray paint it…

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The Delfonics and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: She wants a married man)

Subject: She wants a married man
I’m a single man, in my mid-forties who has never been married. I fell in love with a divorced mother of two who told me while we were dating that for the last 10 years she’d been having an affair with a married man. She left her husband because he promised he’d leave his wife and marry her, but he reneged — so they met twice a week for sex. He worked nearby and would stop over during his lunch break. She told me all this while I was seeing her. She finally broke it off about six months ago, saying she knew he was no good for her. Subsequently, I gave her a job in my business, and she has turned out to be an excellent employee. Well, she recently confided to me that he came over during the holidays and they’d had sex. She said that she didn’t “fight it off” when he made his advances. We no longer date, but I still have strong feelings for her.  How can I break the spell he has cast over her?


By continuing to be the good man that you are. Even though she had a relapse (and had a fling with him) the hurt and pain is still there for her. She still knows that this man and this situation are no good for her, but she has needs just like the rest of us. You should tell her everything that you feel about her, but you also need to let her know that even though you love her tremendously you cannot allow yourself to be put through the same drama that she is going through with him. Let her know that you only need one woman in your life, and will not deal with the extra baggage of another man in your relationship. Tell her that if she wants to continue seeing this married man then she needs to get adjusted to a life of misery and pain. However, if she wants a truly monogamous relationship with a man who cares for her then she needs to make a re-assessment and open her eyes. I am curious to know WHY the both of you no longer date. Was it because she revealed to you the details of this married man relationship? Was it because one of you lost interest? Hopefully you realize that once you made her an employee you automatically put her in a position where she SHOULDN’T be involved with you romantically (Everyone knows the morals of dating people where you work). The best you can do is let her know that you want to be there for her, but that you are only human, too. Let her know that you want to make some woman extremely happy, and you “wish” it could be her. At some point she “should” get tired of experiencing the hurt and hopefully that is when her attention will turn towards you. You, on the other hand, should not want to be with her until she is completely over this guy anyway. She was dating you “on the rebound” and that should never be fun for anyone. Don’t let your heart get in the way of your brain.  Let her know that you are an “all or nothing” man, and that when she is ready to “step up to the plate” and be happy for the rest of her life to give you a call. In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with dating other people. After all, you ARE human too… Here is a tantalizing verse from the Phantom Poet to help elaborate:

When it comes to this woman, for her I will do all I can  

But I don’t understand why she continues an affair with a married man

She can have all the happiness in the world by staying with me

Maybe both of us are misguided in thinking this could be

I have helped her out and even given her an employment position

I want her in my life, but under a monogamous condition

I am in my mid forties, and I have never had a wife

I am in danger of being single for the rest of my life

I just want to make someone happy, and happy to be with me

At some point I need to realize that there are other fish in the sea

There’s this big woman named Wanda with a big derriere

She seems kind of huge, but it ain’t bad looking back there

I can tell she likes my personality, and sincerely likes my charm

And she’s so big that during the winter she’ll keep me warm

I’d like a smaller woman, but Big Wanda just might do

She weighs about 275 with a size 13 shoe

I surely can’t lift her, but she’s got it going on, though

She drinks a lot of coffee and she “burps” real low

I think she’s kind of sexy, and now without a doubt

I’m going to ask to take big old Wanda out

She may not be the one I want, but she might be what I need

When trying to lift her I might have to concede

Bubbles appear out of her nose whenever she has laughter

But she is available, so hopefully we can live… happily ever after…


“Love on top? I don’t think so”… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: How to keep a marriage together)

Subject: How to stay together in a marriage
I recently read an article about couples whose marriages lasted a hundred years. Some were Indians who married at five years of age but besides that, the article was really about couples who, once married, remained so until death. What helps a couple to stay together when she eats babyback ribs and he prefers hot dogs and pork chops? When she can sit for hours conversing with the aged and he can’t sit still for ten minutes? Tell me, kind sir, how can two such people afford a successful lifetime of loving each other?
If a couple can stay married for one hundred years then my hat is off to them. In fact, I will take just about EVERYTHING off to them, because at a hundred years of age I doubt their eyesight is good enough for them to see me naked anyway… For a couple to remain happily married for life I believe it only takes the concept of understanding each other well enough. When you think about it, great couples are not couples that ALWAYS get along. Great couples are those who understand each other well enough to KNOW that they WON’T always get along.  It won’t necessarily depend on compatibility either, because there are couples who have absolutely NOTHING in common and yet still enjoy a VERY healthy marriage. By the way, if you get married at five years of age what kind of sex life can you POSSIBLY have? Can you imagine playing “tag” on your honeymoon? How about giving your wife one of those plastic toy rings from Toys ‘R’ Us? From what I have heard, if most men that I know had to stare at the same face for a hundred years it would probably “kill” them… In our society marriages are difficult to maintain, only because people often get married with “unreal” expectations. I have always said that the person you start out with will not be the same one you end up with (should your marriage last long enough). If you marry your “best” friend (and not focus so much on the physical aspect of your mate) then you stand a greater chance of staying married. For those of you who have friends, just think about it. Have you ever had disagreements with your best friends? Even though you have had these disagreements, are you still friends with them today? The same principle applies to marriage. You don’t have to always get along, but if you understand each other then you will be able to deal with your disagreements better.  When your man has insecurities about his appearance you need to make him feel like he is still attractive (even when he looks like Jabba the Hut). Most men need to know to be completely SILENT when your wife asks you if she is putting on weight. Change the subject, talk about world events or set a house fire or something, but AVOID answering this question at ALL costs. Pretend to faint if you have to. Seriously, a marriage is only as great as what you put into it. Communication is extremely important, and sometimes it is best to continue your heated discussions later when cooler heads prevail. To answer your question, the best way for people to enjoy a lifetime of loving each other is to love with your “eyes closed” and your heart “open.”  Your mate will ALWAYS look great that way. Here is an eye opening verse from the Phantom Poet:
When it comes to marriage, we all have our fears
Even though some couples remain married for years
Is it possible to stay married that long without any regrets?
And if so, can you tell me some of those secrets?
How can you hope to stay married until your death?
When a man will try to speed up the process by holding his breath?
For men to have longevity, there is very little doubt
You need to ALWAYS agree with her, and then sneak the heck OUT
When you ask her “What’s wrong?” you KNOW she is only bluffing
When she gives you that wretched look in her eyes, and then says “Nothing”
And women should know that when you ask your man for money
Don’t even try to joke about it, because he won’t find it funny
And if you love your husband for his tight butt and great hair
Well forget about that, because at 90 both will no longer be there
And if a husband loves his wife for her tiny little waist
Forget about that too, because in 30 years it will look misplaced
So if you want your marriage to last from beginning to end
Then do yourself a favor… Just marry your “best friend”
Hey, “Buddy!” Let’s have “SEX”… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Other people questioning our marriage)

Subject: Other people questioning our marriage
My husband and I married very young by today’s standards. We met when I was 17, started dating when I was 18, became engaged at 19 and married at 20. My family supported the marriage. We completed a full year of premarital counseling and a weekend marriage course, as well. We’re financially stable and very much in love.Two years later, we’re still happy as ever and know that marrying was the right choice for us.Acquaintances and strangers often feel the need to tell us that our marriage “won’t last.” Some even go as far as to say, “Are you crazy? Why would you do that?” Is there a polite way to respond to these comments? We find them hurtful and insulting.

Instead of saying, “Mind your business”, the “polite” way would be to say, “PLEASE… Mind your business.” The amazing part is that often these people who act like experts are usually in their “own” troubled relationships (if they are even involved in a relationship at all). Despite all this, they are still “more than eager” to advise you with their “expertise” on the “proper” way to live your lives. There are several ways to address these “special” people without them even knowing that they’ve been insulted (at least not until after they’ve gone home and actually thought about it). You can say, “We get MANY comments from people who are jealous of the love we have”. You can also say, “Most people are quick to misjudge things they really don’t understand”. The one I like best is, “We’re happy… Are you?” I always say that if you let others dictate how you should love and live, then your life is no longer your own. When you fell in love with your spouse, it was because you could see things in your relationship that others couldn’t see. People say that love is blind… I say love is blind, deaf and dumb… but it is “still” love… You don’t owe any explanation to ANYONE. People will be quick to condemn a “young” marriage when the fact is that “older” marriages are no more guaranteed to work either. Love takes faith, understanding and a calm spirit. You need to realize that there will be bumps in the road at times, but you tackle them as a unit and work out your differences. It means addressing your issues at a later time when you both have calmed down. You did the right thing in seeking counseling, and if you have managed to make it work for 2 years then it sounds as though you have something really special. There will still be tests to go through. As the both of you get older, things will happen. Some (if not all) of the hair he had on his head may turn up missing one day. The cute little waist you have may one day swell up like a dirigible. Your sex appeal to each other might be severely tested when life’s changes come your way. As long as you both are “friends” who also happen to be “lovers” then I love your chances. As for the others who want to throw their “two cents” into the outlook of your marriage, just say, “Look Dr. Phil, we don’t  feel the need to watch your program right now.” “When we do, we’ll tune you in. Until then, we’ll tune you out…” Enjoy what you have together, and don’t let the “peanut gallery” get to you… Here is a shell of a moment from the Phantom Poet for your edification:
My lover and I decided to get married very, very young
Now people are bashing our decision with all their crap and horse dung
When people talk about us, we try to stop them before they’ve begun
Because opinions are like body cavities… EVERYBODY has one
We went through counseling and a course, and now two years later
We are still happily married, but still encountering haters
We get tired of people telling us how to handle and what to do with our lives
Especially from those who have been already been through many husbands and wives
We plan to work through our marriage… We will live, and we’ll learn
And while we truly appreciate your advice, this is none of your concern
We didn’t ask for your opinion, but this we simply must profess
We are trying in a very polite way to tell you, “Mind your business”
You think that you’re some kind of expert on love, I presume
I’ve heard you have a blow up “Do Me Betty Doll” in your room
Once you get a live woman, then your views might be fantastic
In the meantime, please don’t get yourself stuck in all that plastic
As for me, I have the real thing, and I’m married to a beautiful wife
So you have nothing I want to hear… Have a great day, and a good life
It works better if you inflate the “Do me Betty doll” first… The Phantom Poet

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Actress Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Proper way to announce a divorce)

Subject: Proper way to announce a divorce
My very good friend and her husband have divorced after 25 years of marriage. I knew this was coming but was shocked this week when I received a card in the mail with a black ribbon on it. At first I thought someone had died, but when I read it I saw it was a divorce announcement that included their new addresses. My friend had sent these cards to everyone she knew and everyone on their Christmas list! I am dumbfounded and think this is in terrible taste. But I don’t want to say anything to upset my friend. Am I wrong about this? Is this a custom I’m just unfamiliar with? What do you think?
As far as I know, there is no proper etiquette for “announcing divorces.” While it may seem different to send this type of advertisement out to friends and family, I can’t see where they have violated any rules of morality. I have talked to some people about their impending divorces who sounded so happy about it that I thought they were going to throw a party. To you this might be in terrible taste, but if you think about it, how else should this be handled? Should they just inform everyone verbally, and go through the agony of  having to explain the reasons why to every individual that questions it? I think divorce news rates up there with miscarriages when it comes to informing people. No one really likes to tell people that they lost a baby, and if you truly valued your marriage I think that most people would take issues with having to explain why your marriage failed. If this couple wanted to get the news out without having to go into intricate details each time they talked about it, then I don’t see anything wrong with how this was handled. I am sure their friends would like to know, and this was probably a great way to announce it without soliciting everyone’s pity. Forgive them if their methods seem a little unorthodox. Here is the Phantom Poet to make a lyrical announcement:
Sometimes when a marriage has run its course
That’s when couples decide to seek out divorce
My friends let us all know through special cards they mailed
That the marriage they had subsequently failed
I understand that their efforts ended up going to waste
But I felt that sending out cards was in very poor taste
I could be wrong, but hey, these are only my views
But then I heard this story last night on the nightly news
I think that was taking a divorce announcement way too far
They also made a divorce banner on the side of their car
The even mentioned their ownership and asset dispersal
And during the election time they even put out a divorce infomercial
If I see another sign I will probably just fall out limp
OMG! They even have it advertised on the bottom of a “blimp”
Enough is enough and this is getting way out of hand
I’m seeing many signs and billboards spread throughout the land
I guess the new era of divorce has evolved  with a new feature
Now you can go spread the word through an advertisement procedure
Announcements are being distributed through cards, letters and emails
As for all the things that went wrong in your marriage, please spare us the details
Sometimes marriages just happen to go bad, so this much we already know
So we wish you the very best… so now you can separate and just “go”

Yet ANOTHER spectacular masterpiece from the Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( Topic: Sacrificing me for computer games)

Subject: Sacrificing me for computer games
So, I’ve been dating this guy for about five weeks and it was amazing. We can talk about anything and when we spend time together we have so much fun. He’s the only person I’ve met that I can really be myself with. The only problem is that he’s really into computer games and two weeks ago he got a new game. Last weekend he broke plans two nights in a row to play the game and this weekend I didn’t see him once (and he had a four day weekend). I talked to him about it on Saturday and he said it was just that he had been preoccupied with the game and that it wasn’t anything to do with me. I still can’t help feeling a little hurt. We don’t live close together and he changed from being REALLY into me to barely talking to me and not making plans to see me. So what’s the deal? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think you need “insight”, but rather “foresight”. If he can put his computer game ahead of you in THAT way (and not even TRY to contact you for two weekends), then that means his interests have changed and you are not as important to him as you once were. You should buy a really neat new computer game (one that he doesn’t have) and invite him over to play it. If he still wants to be with you, then he will take advantage of that opportunity to come over. However, if his desire for you has changed, he will pause, hesitate and come up with lame excuses to NOT come over. With you AND a new computer game there he should have “every” reason to at least “want” to visit you.  There is an old saying that you should not beat a dead horse. If this man doesn’t feel that you are important enough to call then it may be time to move on in your life, because love should NEVER be forced. While it is possible that he may have just been preoccupied with the game you may need to prepare yourself to face reality. I don’t think you should continue to call him. If he is close to leaving you, that will only bother him and push him further off the edge. Right now he needs time to think about what a great woman you are (and what a great woman he will be missing out on if you were not in his life anymore), and you need to think about other interests to get into in the meantime. Do NOT give yourself time to sit around and mope about this guy. You can do better. A man will better appreciate a woman who is at least “capable” of functioning independently “without” him. Show him that with or without him you will be “just fine”. In the long run, it will make you a stronger woman and you will feel much better about yourself for doing so. He should not be the one who determines your worth… YOU are theone who determines that… If he isn’t worth your time, then take a “time out”… Don’t be afraid to take a step in “another” direction… Here is the Phantom Poet to round out the weekend for you:
My man is built nice with a sturdy rugged frame
But when it comes to me, he prefers a good computer game
He actually stood me up over the weekend twice
And he decided that I was not even worth the sacrifice
He doesn’t make plans to see me anymore and he won’t call
I keep getting the feeling that he may not be interested at all
I’m starting to feel a certain way now, if he hasn’t suspected
I will NOT play second fiddle to a game and be disrespected
For these past two weeks I have truly “missed him
But I’m about to introduce a new game called “Demolish your System”
It’s a neat little game, and I can come over to show him how to begin
I just take a jack hammer to his computer and smash the son of a b____ in
I’ll hit the tower, the monitor and even the computer mouse
And if I still have any aggression left, I’ll tackle the REST of his house
Swing low… swing high… I think I’m hitting it all
Maybe I should be playing in the World Series of baseball
If you doubt my athletic skills, I don’t care what you say
Because it’s obvious that my batting average is pretty high this day
This will teach him that in love it is always best to serve me
Because now I’m applying my OWN version of “Demolition Derby”
Ah, the sounds of metal bending and that of glass breaking
I am truly enjoying this game, and no mistake am I making
I’ll also break up the DVD’s and his favorite CD rom
THIS will be my special version of “Drop the Bomb”
So if you want my love, there is a certain vision you need to see
Don’t EVER choose a computer game over the likes of me
These are my words, and truer words will never be spoken
Just be glad I didn’t get REALLY rough… and make your “hard drive”… “Broken”
“Please baby… That is NOT a joystick… OUCH!”… The Phantom Poet

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