Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: My husband tried to surprise me)

Subject: My husband tried to surprise me

My husband and a girlfriend of mine bartend together at a neighborhood bar. One night I was really tired so I left the bar and went home to sleep. We live around the corner from the bar, however, my girlfriend does not live near the bar. Later this night I was woken up by him touching me but kissing her. I don’t want to divorce him, since I think this is really extreme, and he didn’t really cheat on me behind my back. My family says I’m crazy and should have kicked both of them out that night. What do you think?

I think that as bartenders they both need to stop “sampling” the product… I am not laughing at you (but even you have to admit this is some pretty funny stuff). I have no idea how long you’ve been married, but unless your husband was PROFOUNDLY intoxicated, it “sounds” as though he was trying to incorporate you into a “threesome” nightcap with him, you and your girlfriend.  A LOT of people have particular fantasy desires (even though your husband had a bizarre way of trying to introduce you to this one). There are several holes in this story, though (PLEASE excuse the pun). First, was your girlfriend a “willing” participant when this kissing exchange took place or did it seem as though she was inebriated and caught unaware? Did she ever admit to having an affair with him, or was this a first time isolated incident? Were all three of you in bed together and if so, why? Did your husband ever consult with you before about his desire to want a threesome with someone else? It sounds as though your husband felt that if he could initiate this while you were asleep (or groggy) then you would have just participated without thinking clearly. There is nothing wrong with people having fantasies. People have them all the time… but he should have talked to you about his desires first before trying to involve you in it. I ain’t mad at him, though…If it would have succeeded, then I’m sure a LOT of husbands would soon start awakening their wives in this same manner. I don’t think you should have thrown them both out, but some heavy explaining would surely have been in order. No, he did not cheat on you behind your “back” (but he might have done so by your “side” or maybe your “front,” depending on how you sleep”). A lot depends on the extent of your “adventurous” side (and his as well). If you feel you would like to offer your husband something to help satisfy his now “diverse” sexual appetite, then that is something you can discuss between the two of you. However, if this is too steep for you to deal with, then let him know. As “strange” as this sounds, I do give him props for at least trying to “include” you in his fantasy desires. A lot of other men would have just gone elsewhere to have them fulfilled without involving the wife at all. Talk to your husband…In fact, talk to your girlfriend, and lastly, call “Dial-a-prayer”. Between the three of them, you might be able to make sense of something… Good luck… Here is the Phantom Poet to lay the groundwork for you:

My husband and my girlfriend work together in a bar

We live around the corner, but her home is very far

One night I wanted some attention, and got more than I had hoped

My husband was kissing her, while I was getting groped

I awoke to weird feelings from strange to perverse

Was THIS what Reverend meant when he said “For better…or worse?”

I know I was sleepy, and just as groggy as I could be

But I still know that one plus one should NOT equal three

How could they do this to me, and what did they possibly think?

Did they just expect me to be satisfied with their new form of “kink?”

My relatives said that I should have thrown the both of them out

And showed them what a committed marriage is supposed to be about

At least my husband wanted me to be a part of it, so he wasn’t totally a bad guy

If he had talked to me first then I might have been willing to give this a try

If he wants another partner, then we can, but instead

of another woman, let’s bring another MAN to our bed

That way I can fulfill my fantasies too, but make sure you are sober

Because you may need to be cautious…in other words, DON’T bend over

Because if you’re not careful then something could go into the very wrong place

And I’d hate to see you with that “wide eyed” look on your face

Because if that should happen to you, you see

Then you’ll no longer be the man that you used to be

I appreciate you doing this for me, but you still had better beware

Or else you may want to try putting some “duct tape” back there

Well, since you wanted another partner, I hope this will do

I think I am now satisfied… So tell me….”Are you?”

I think for our love to reach the next level, we BOTH have to climb

So I’ll tell you what, we can try another female… NEXT time

So the next time we have another male partner, I think you had better believe

That it is TRULY in your best interest…to give…rather than receive….


For better…. or “curse”…The Phantom Poet

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