Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: What else can I do to win her love?)

Subject: What else can I do?

There is this REALLY special woman in my life. We are not involved romantically, but I am trying my best to get there. This woman KNOWS I would do anything for her. I would even give my life for her, yet she often acts as though I am only a good friend. I am sure she has to know how much I love her. I think she likes me too but I just can’t be sure. I want her badly and don’t know what to do. Why can’t she see that I love her so much?


Try this answer out: “Because sometimes love is NOT that obvious”. While I am sure she knows about the good things you do for her, sometimes it might be necessary to take that little “extra” step and just profess your love to her in another way. Some women need for a man to do something “beyond the ordinary” to show just how much they care. Your ways may be subtle, but perhaps TOO subtle… You might only need to display just a little more “aggressiveness” to find out. If you want to know the answer as to whether she loves you back, then maybe you should confront the source. If you have not asked her out already, then you should do so. Go someplace special where the two of you can actually get to know each other more on a personal basis. If you do manage to go out, then you can take that opportunity to ask her important things about her life. It sounds as though you both have been friends long enough to at least warrant “trust” with each other. It is important to make sure that you are not coming on too strong (sometimes men do that). While you may be willing to do everything for her, you don’t want to put yourself in the position where you are overcrowding her or appearing desperate. Give her a chance (and some room) to think about you from time to time, and you may find that she will realize just how much you mean to her and “possibly” give in. If she is a woman who is approached CONSTANTLY by other guys vying for her attention then you “should” want to make sure that you don’t handle things the same way THEY do (because then in her eyes, you will be no different from them). A man who stands out from everyone else is a man who will get “noticed”. While you want to let her know that you “dig her”, make sure that you don’t lose your composure in the process. ALWAYS have confidence in yourself, and let it be known to her that you are indeed a “good man”. If you handle this properly, the pieces may just “fall” into place for you (even though that is NOT always a guarantee).  A LOT of women think that a “good man” is hard to find… Show her the error in that statement, and take the necessary steps to win her over…. And now it is time for a good poem. Phantom? Are you ready?

I know this special woman, and I love her to death

For her, I would gladly give my very last breath

I just don’t think my love for her she can truly comprehend

Because she still acts as though I am just her best friend

What can I do to get myself more noticed?

And WHAT can I do to make sure I don’t blow this?

I can show her that I am a true gentleman, and I know how to behave

Or I can slap on an old bottle of this here “High Karate” after-shave

I can try to impress her with my etiquette, and sophisticated taste

I can even wear those “fly” jeans that sag well below the waist

I can showcase my sophistication in a very classy way

By inviting her out to sophisticated rap concert (featuring NWA)(?)

Maybe the best way to gain her attention (without jeopardizing all my wealth)

Is to just be real, and only be myself

And just do all the good things that I know I can

And in the process let her know that I’m a really good man

I will love her until we both are over the hill

And if she doesn’t want me…then hopefully somebody else will…


“Baby, don’t the members of NWA curse so eloquently”? The Phantom Poet


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