Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Brought a gun into our house)

Subject: Snuck a gun in my house

My husband and I have been married 33 years. All my life I have been vehemently opposed to having a gun in our house. Our three boys didn’t even have toy guns.
I just found out that my husband recently bought a handgun and hid it from me! His reason? “I wanted one.” Needless to say, I am furious. Your thoughts, please

Part of the joy in being a family is to make decisions together as “one” unit. When it comes to family matters, there should always be communication between all of you and everyone should at least have some input (even if you all should disagree). Your husband’s reason for buying this gun will only promote disharmony in the household. What he did was blatantly disrespectful to you and the values of your family. The first concern is whether or not he purchased the gun legally. If he didn’t, then it could REALLY haunt him (and you) at a later time. Next thing is whether he keeps the gun loaded or not. If one of the kids finds it and it goes off inadvertently then your husband could regret it for the rest of his prison filled years. Of course, there is also the other side of the coin, where the day may come when that gun might save you and your kids lives. I am not a supporter of guns, but I do know that today it is important to make sure your house is well protected from unwanted activity. I have heard that one of the best things for house protection is a dog. Dogs can’t be shut down due to a power outage and dogs are territorial and loyal (plus some of them are more than willing to bite the crap out of an unwanted guest). I have a dog and if anyone even comes close to the house the dog will bark like an instant alarm, thus giving us time to prepare in case anyone is trying to gain unwanted access. I don’t think your husband had bad intentions when he obtained this gun, but I most certainly don’t approve of the way he handled this matter. He should have talked to you and discussed the matter first. However, if the objective is to protect your house, then I suggest you talk to your local police authorities to get the “best” suggestions. They can guide you through the proper steps to make your home more safe  and protected. Your family has a right to feel secure, and if having a gun in the house brings more tension then it will be extremely difficult for your family to relax “knowing” it is there. Communicate with your husband and tell him exactly why you feel the way you do. After you “smack” him upside the head a few times then you can go about the business of finding the PROPER way to protect your home. Here are some helpful hints from the Phantom Poet to inspire you:

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house

My husband was not stirring (he was just shot by his spouse)

He disobeyed my orders, and bought a gun behind my back

So now when I count family members, minus one I will subtract

Before he passed out, he asked, “Why shoot me? What did I do?”

I said, “You brought this gun into my house, and I just wanted to”

When it comes to this issue, I would never accept a gun

So you KNOW I was furious when he said, “Because I wanted one”

Then there must be OTHER things he also wants with this circumstance

Because when you disobey MY orders, you’d better call the ambulance

He said, “I only bought it for our protection, I wanted us all to be secure”

Then he asked if I would actually shoot him, and my response was “sure”

When I shot him it was only an action of love

And of course, the insurance payout that I was thinking of

With his death, hopefully he will have learned a valuable lesson

And with the insurance money, I can buy me a “new” Smith and Wesson

So when I tell my NEXT husband not to bring a gun in here

He had best listen intently, or get buckshot in his rear

So when it comes to MY rules, men need to know that this sister don’t play

So before the rest of y’all men get shot, please have yourselves a happy holiday


“Deck the halls with calls of buckshot”… La, la, la, la la…. The Phantom Poet

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