Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: I detest my friend’s boyfriend)

Subject: I detest my best friend’s boyfriend

I detest my best friend’s boyfriend.” He is racist, homophobic and sexist. He is also blatant about his opinions, whether or not people want to hear them. All of her other friends agree he’s a complete jerk, and not only that, he takes up all her time. She is smart. She realizes he has those traits. Somehow she doesn’t care about his defects and looks past them. I’m not really scared for her safety. He seems to be nice to her. I can’t stand to be around the guy, but that means I don’t get to talk to my best friend most of the time. I am trying to be nice to him, and I have talked to her about this, but nothing works! Please help. I’m at the end of my rope.


The only thing as bad as a racist, homophobic, sexist man is another person who “condones” that type of behavior. If your best friend is smart enough to recognize how bad her boyfriend is and yet still does NOTHING to help change him then she is in fact “encouraging” his negative ways. Have you ever heard the concept that people often judge you by the company you keep?  If all of your other friends feel the same way about her boyfriend then maybe ALL of you need to stay away from him AND her. Your best friend cannot be that smart if she continues to socialize with him while he has sexist views, because then his views are also putting her down as well (imagine that…).  There are too many ignorant people just like him in the world and we can’t change them all. However, if your friend wants to be with him as opposed to being with you, then as a friend you should support her wishes and leave them both to be alone with each other. As her relationship goes along, she “should” start to notice that her close friends are in fact distancing themselves from her, and then hopefully her eyes will awaken to the fact that she has neglected you all for some “jerk” boyfriend. Sometimes in order to show someone that you care about him or her you have to “let go” of them. Your friend may have to “lose” your friendship for a minute in order to see your true “value.” I have a gut feeling that if this guy is as bad off as you say, then you will probably hear from her in the VERY near future. Stay tuned… and let’s welcome to the stage that Oscar winning rabbit, the Phantom Poet:


My best friend’s boyfriend is evil and truly a beast

He is racist, homophobic and sexist, to say the least

I tried to talk to her about it, but it just doesn’t seem to work

She is about to lose all of her friends just to be with this jerk

He is highly opinionated and loves to debate

He is the perfect candidate for everyone to hate

My best friend is smart, but for some reason she cannot see

That her choice is putting a barrier between her and me

I’d like to trick him and lock him in a small closet for a day

With a Black man, a woman and an out of closet gay

And see just how long his opinionated views last

After all THREE of them have “kicked his ass”

I can picture one of them saying, “He’s changed and we showed him how”

“He has a totally different and NEW perspective of us now”

“He is no longer the man that everyone of us hated”

“We beat him down, and EVERYONE participated”

He no longer has any stereotypical dislikes

He NOW worships Obama, Hillary Clinton AND Wanda Sykes

On the surface he was very direct, but now he is sorry underneath

It is difficult to be so boisterous when you’ve lost most of your teeth

So when someone has prejudice views, then show him a different way, Dadgummit!

Just lock him in a closet with what he hates, and let them have a small “summit”

We should ALL have love for each other, and we should all have respect

And if you disagree, then just raise your “soon to be broken” neck

If you’re smart, then your views on us should be widely changed

Or else you may find your facial features… rearranged…


“Wow! What are your views on plastic surgery?” The Phantom Poet

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Bill Withers, his daughter, and Anthony Hamilton in the  studio rehearsing with Brett Jolly


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