Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Happy Thanksgiving)

Today is “one” day out of the year that we celebrate and give thanks to the blessings that we have. While everything may not be perfect (and while some people are going through major trials and tribulations right now), if you are able to “read” this Daily Thought then you are blessed, because not everyone woke up this morning. While the holidays are supposed to bring us cheer and positivity, we need to remember that life holds “no” guarantees. For those who are struggling I would like to tell you that life throws challenges our way. It is how we react to those challenges that determine the true value of our lives. In order to  fully “appreciate” the good, we “have” to experience the bad. For example, if you are the number one basketball team in the world, that is a great feeling. However, if you had to beat a bunch of elementary school girls to win the championship then there is not much value in your accomplishment. The “greater” the obstacle, the greater the satisfaction in overcoming it. Don’t give up, because your “best” blessings can come from “within” you. I hope you are able to see this for yoursef. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I hope your best blessings are yet to come.


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