Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: severed friendships over elections)

The Presidential election is over,  and so I have decided to sever a few of my relationships. Some of the people I worked with in the past remained friends until I learned they do not and did not support President Obama.  Am I crazy, or what?

Considering the final results of the election, there were quite a “few” people who did not support President Obama. The victory was not a landslide but it was at least sizable enough to determine Obama as  the winner. I have heard of people “deleting” friends off of Facebook who didn’t support Mitt Romney. Some people took the election so seriously that they totally lost composure after it was over. It doesn’t have to be “this” extreme… If you think you might be crazy, then I can assure you that you have a “lot” of company. The main objective should be for “all of us” to work together. President Obama needs the help of Republicans and Republicans in turn need to interact with President Obama. Those people who did not (and still will not) support President Obama have no choice but to “accept” him as our president. While they may not share your same political views it is no reason to sever friendships or relationships. There was enough of this animosity “before” the election, and now it is time to accept the results and “move on.” The United States is a country rampant with “diversity.” We have different religions, different customs and different political views. Many of us are quick to judge things that we don’t quite understand. Those people who now don’t support Obama may be the same ones to benefit from his new tenure in office. Only time will tell if he was the right choice for this term. However, in the meantime we need to depend on each other more than ever, and that includes in the workplace as well. Friendships are valuable assets to have, and while we should be allowed to have different opinions we should not let our diversity “impede” us from interacting. The ability to “stand united” is what makes us such a strong nation. The Presidential election is over, but you “still” have a choice… You can alienate yourself from those whose views differ from yours, or you can accept them for what they believe in and still try to work for some form of “common ground.” We all need each other, so now is the perfect time to “act like it.” Here is that candidate that got %100 of the “non-existent vote,”… The Phantom Poet:

My friends act as though they want to shoot, stab and “bomb” me
That’s because they threw their support behind candidate  Mitt Romney
This only fueled fires that resulted in backlash and political trauma
Because I was steadfast in my support for President Barack Obama
Now the elections are over and some of these friendships I decided to sever
And NOW I am starting to wonder if that idea was even clever
You see, MY candidate won while their candidate lost
The election was so intense that our friendships it cost
And just because these people didn’t agree with what I had to say
It doesn’t mean that our friendships have to end in this way
This is the land of diversity and while everyone may not like my choice
We should now focus on more important matters, like who is best on “The Voice”
Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we all threw in the towel?
Just because on “American Idol” no one really likes Simon Cowell?
The show must go on and we need to last through the weather
Just because I think you’re an “idiot” doesn’t mean we can’t still work together
We can still accomplish objectives if we all get together and “pull”
Because if “ignorance is bliss”, then you are surely “bliss-FULL”
So you don’t have to agree with me, and I don’t have to agree with you
But as long as we both agree to work together, then this concept will surely do
If we can be willing to give it a try, then hopefully others will want to “consider it”
Even though once it’s over and we get back home, I think you’re a “functional illiterate”
We CAN work together, and this proves that strength can increase in “number”
No matter if I still think that your views make you dumb, dumb… and “dumber”….

“I wish you could vote for some common sense”… The Phantom Poet

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