Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( Topic: Sacrificing me for computer games)

Subject: Sacrificing me for computer games
So, I’ve been dating this guy for about five weeks and it was amazing. We can talk about anything and when we spend time together we have so much fun. He’s the only person I’ve met that I can really be myself with. The only problem is that he’s really into computer games and two weeks ago he got a new game. Last weekend he broke plans two nights in a row to play the game and this weekend I didn’t see him once (and he had a four day weekend). I talked to him about it on Saturday and he said it was just that he had been preoccupied with the game and that it wasn’t anything to do with me. I still can’t help feeling a little hurt. We don’t live close together and he changed from being REALLY into me to barely talking to me and not making plans to see me. So what’s the deal? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think you need “insight”, but rather “foresight”. If he can put his computer game ahead of you in THAT way (and not even TRY to contact you for two weekends), then that means his interests have changed and you are not as important to him as you once were. You should buy a really neat new computer game (one that he doesn’t have) and invite him over to play it. If he still wants to be with you, then he will take advantage of that opportunity to come over. However, if his desire for you has changed, he will pause, hesitate and come up with lame excuses to NOT come over. With you AND a new computer game there he should have “every” reason to at least “want” to visit you.  There is an old saying that you should not beat a dead horse. If this man doesn’t feel that you are important enough to call then it may be time to move on in your life, because love should NEVER be forced. While it is possible that he may have just been preoccupied with the game you may need to prepare yourself to face reality. I don’t think you should continue to call him. If he is close to leaving you, that will only bother him and push him further off the edge. Right now he needs time to think about what a great woman you are (and what a great woman he will be missing out on if you were not in his life anymore), and you need to think about other interests to get into in the meantime. Do NOT give yourself time to sit around and mope about this guy. You can do better. A man will better appreciate a woman who is at least “capable” of functioning independently “without” him. Show him that with or without him you will be “just fine”. In the long run, it will make you a stronger woman and you will feel much better about yourself for doing so. He should not be the one who determines your worth… YOU are theone who determines that… If he isn’t worth your time, then take a “time out”… Don’t be afraid to take a step in “another” direction… Here is the Phantom Poet to round out the weekend for you:
My man is built nice with a sturdy rugged frame
But when it comes to me, he prefers a good computer game
He actually stood me up over the weekend twice
And he decided that I was not even worth the sacrifice
He doesn’t make plans to see me anymore and he won’t call
I keep getting the feeling that he may not be interested at all
I’m starting to feel a certain way now, if he hasn’t suspected
I will NOT play second fiddle to a game and be disrespected
For these past two weeks I have truly “missed him
But I’m about to introduce a new game called “Demolish your System”
It’s a neat little game, and I can come over to show him how to begin
I just take a jack hammer to his computer and smash the son of a b____ in
I’ll hit the tower, the monitor and even the computer mouse
And if I still have any aggression left, I’ll tackle the REST of his house
Swing low… swing high… I think I’m hitting it all
Maybe I should be playing in the World Series of baseball
If you doubt my athletic skills, I don’t care what you say
Because it’s obvious that my batting average is pretty high this day
This will teach him that in love it is always best to serve me
Because now I’m applying my OWN version of “Demolition Derby”
Ah, the sounds of metal bending and that of glass breaking
I am truly enjoying this game, and no mistake am I making
I’ll also break up the DVD’s and his favorite CD rom
THIS will be my special version of “Drop the Bomb”
So if you want my love, there is a certain vision you need to see
Don’t EVER choose a computer game over the likes of me
These are my words, and truer words will never be spoken
Just be glad I didn’t get REALLY rough… and make your “hard drive”… “Broken”
“Please baby… That is NOT a joystick… OUCH!”… The Phantom Poet

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