Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Want to get with my co-worker)

Subject: Wanting my co-worker and I to get together
I’m married, but for the past seven years my wife has had no time for me. She obviously no longer loves me. We stay together because we can’t afford to live apart. We both work for the same employer but in different areas. About 18 months ago, I fell in love with a married co-worker. She seemed happily married until about a year ago. She shared all of their problems with me when she needed someone to talk to. I felt this brought me closer to her. About six months ago, she went to work in a different part of our building. Every time we ran into each other, I realized how much I missed her. I think about her when I go to sleep at night and start thinking about her when I wake up in the morning. A couple of months ago, she told me that she had forgiven her husband for everything even though he is a total jerk. I am devastated, thinking that I’m all alone again. I’ve lost something that I thought could make me happy. What should I do? I still want us to end our marriages and be together.
A word to the wise: When you want to be with someone else, make sure that SHE or HE wants the same thing before you start making any plans for the both of you. Unless something “intimate” happened between the two of you then there was no reason for you to assume that she even wanted to end her marriage. I mean, you could have at least KISSED or “something” (Hey, even if you rubbed noses I might even accept THAT). She had to feel some form of connection to you if she was willing to reach out to you and talk about her situation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that “love” is involved. However, if you truly do love her (and of course you do), then there is still hope. If her husband is a total jerk like she says he is, then it won’t take long for him to screw up again. You have the option of waiting for him to screw up (which is very likely to happen soon), or you can just take the necessary steps to end YOUR marriage, REGARDLESS of her outcome. You see, even if you cannot have this woman, as long as you are still married you will continue to lose out on meeting a lot of OTHER woman as well. MOST women like “single” men (even though there ARE a few exceptions to the rule out there). I have a saying that goes like this: If you cannot make someone happy, then there is no use in making the both of you miserable. If your marriage is not working for you then just end it by filing for divorce. That should be your first step. Then, once you are single, you can let your co-worker know that you feel relieved but now want someone in your life that you can make happy (and someone who will be happy to be with you). Let her know that you want to be the kind of man who WON’T do the bad things that her husband did, and you are now searching for a queen to call your own. You can even throw out a small hint that you wish she were available, because you really like her. These are ALL the clues she needs to end her situation and be with a good man like you. It is important that you do NOT pressure her, though (she is going through enough right now as it is). However, if she doesn’t bite, then get divorced anyway, and be prepared to move on. Happiness isn’t just limited to the work place, you know? Don’t let yourself get psychologically bent out of shape. She may be slow to react, but sometimes love takes a little time (and a little patience). With you being single and desiring her, this might offer her the perfect opportunity to let go of a bad situation to be withyou. Once she realizes what a good man you are chances are that she won’t want anyone else to get you first. Play your cards right, but if it isn’t working then be prepared to “fold” and go to another setting. You deserve to be happy with NO strings attached… and so does “she.” Clear your table first, and then go for it… Here is the Phantom Poet to give you some helpful hints:
I fell in love with a co-worker who is employed at my job
Whenever I come across her, my heart starts to throb
When it came to marriage, we both made the wrong choices
I love to watch her come into my office, bend over and file invoices
I realize that I am a somewhat shy man, and sometimes I can be a little nerdy
She is a sexy thing, and when she’s around, my cabinet gets good and “sturdy”
I love her with all my hard (uh… heart!) and I want her to be my mate
I dream about her at work, and my desk starts to levitate
I think she really loves me to, and sometimes I feel it in my gut
She even has a beautiful nickname for me… She calls me “Pooh Butt”
The other employees laugh, but I don’t really care
I just know that I will be a man possessed if I EVER get in there
She recently told me that she forgave her husband and wants to make it work
And now I feel alone again, and I feel like such a jerk
I guess I’ll just have to go and get divorced anyways
And if she wont’ have me, I’ll be a male ho for the rest of my days
I will be a male stud, and I will be mean, ruthless and bad
I plan to give women the best 30 seconds they‘ve EVER had
Well, okay, maybe not, but at least I can still pretend
Maybe I had better concentrate on one thing at a time, and just get my marriage to end
Then I can be free to date and be with anyone I choose
Except the woman I want remains married, so I still have the blues
She is a woman who has always accepted my advancement
So maybe I can get her to change her mind after going through male enhancement
Or maybe I should just leave things well enough alone
And just love her from afar, and accept being on my own
Me, myself… and my desires… The Phantom Poet


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