Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Improper relationship with son’s girlfriend)

Subject: My partner slept with my son’s girlfriend
A few months ago I discovered that my partner of 14 years, had been sleeping with my 20-year-old son’s girlfriend.
I hurt for myself as well as my son, who can’t believe that the man who helped raise him would do this to him.

She admits that the affair is half her fault. She had been sending him provocative photos of herself. My son has forgiven her.

I have kicked my former partner out of the house. No one wants anything to do with him or her. However, I told my son I would support his desire to repair his relationship with her. My problem is, I’m having trouble actually doing it.

At least you know now that you are normal. I, too, would have problems with repairing this relationship. Remember that it takes two to tango (unless, of course, I am involved… I can’t dance that well, so it might take “three”). We all make mistakes, and if God can forgive us for our sins, then hopefully you can find the resolve to forgive also. However, I think the girlfriend needs to come up with a way to convince your son (and you) that she has truly changed her ways as a result of this. If she did it once, then trust me when I say that she is capable of doing it again (and you need to remember this). The main person to think about in this relationship is your son… If he is willing to forgive her, then you owe it to him to support his wishes (even if you disagree). You should let him know that you will always be there for him, but it will take some time for you to accept her again. If need be, you can let her know as well. You need to remember that this takes more of a personal toll on you because your ex was involved. Those feelings will be difficult for you to conquer…. You need to find a way to take your ex out of the equation (and out of your mind) so that thiswon’t have such a “personal” impact on you, because every time you see her it will only remind you of him… In order to live happily, EVERYONE has to move on… So don’t feel despair because you are having difficulty supporting your son and his desire to repair his relationship. Be honest with yourself and only do the best you can. If it is meant to be, then time will help you conquer your personal feelings in this. Your son has enough to deal with without adding your personal resentment to the equation… Do no more than the best you can, but remember that at some point we all need to forgive (but not necessarily forget)… Now here is a nice poem from, uh… What’s his name again?
My relationship with my partner just came to an end
When I discovered he was sleeping with my son’s girlfriend
My son is distraught… This man was very much his Dad
But his girlfriend turned out to be just some tramp he had
Though technically this was his father, it just couldn’t be
Because from now on he will always be a “mother” to me
I got rid of my ex, because enough is enough
My son wants my support, but it’s going to be tough
Because every time I see her, it will only remind me of him
So my chances of accepting her are none, less than none…and slim
So now I am having difficulties supporting his wishes
Whenever I think of him, my thoughts get kind of vicious
But I am a refined and classy lady, and that is just what I am
But I still can’t control my urge to want to shoot them both… Oh Damn!
I am sweet, refined, and classy with an hourglass figure
So I want to make sure I’m looking my BEST when I pull this here trigger
So now that the elections are over and everyone went out to vote
If you see a man with a bloody hole in his jacket, then please take note
You will be probably be seeing my ex, so let him know on this particular day
That he “elected” to cheat on me, so I “voted” to blow him away…
My passion and my sweetness are the things on which I thrive
So note that this is the “ONLY” reason… why he is “still” alive…
Now he is just as jacked up as he could possibly be
All because he decided to cheat on innocent, lovable and sweet “me”…
                                    Does cyanide and sugar mix? The Phantom Poet


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