Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: After the “political” storm)

Subject: After the “political” storm

Today is the day after Election Day, and while election results have enabled us to keep our same President in office we also got valuable “new insight.” Mitt Romney had a lot of backers for his platform and we know that President Obama did not win in a “landslide” victory. It was close, but not close enough. There is a hidden message in this victory, and it is one that should not be ignored. Under his first term, there were people who were solely dedicated to making him a “one term President.” Through their own actions, they were not worried about Obama failing… they were worried about him succeeding… and their decisions were not based on the needs of the people, but rather the needs of their party. Most Republicans “united” in trying to thwart him at every turn. Everything he tried to introduce was usually “rejected soundly and unanimously” by Republicans in an effort to show party solidarity. Now that the concept of making him a “One-term President” has been vanquished, I am hoping that we as a country can now focus on “working together” for the sake of the people. In other words, I would love to see us “stand united.” Romney may have been a better businessman, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he can revive the nation’s economy in the same manner as his corporations. He had already talked about “firing” Big Bird from Sesame Street (a children’s PBS educational tool) so obviously unemployment would have increased automatically under his term from the start. He also wanted to spend money to “beef up” the military (regardless of whether the military was asking for it or not). This scared me because the purpose of an increased military is to fight wars, and if we are not engaged in a war then why are we funding one? To me, this is why this election was so important. It is not about 47% of the population. It is not about “birth certificates.” This is about us fighting our way out of a recession that took 8 long years to create. Instead of looking over our shoulders towards the past we need to keep our eyes focused on the future. No matter what anyone says, Obama saved us from a spiraling “Depression.” It was the equivalent of an “avalanche” headed down the mountainside towards the village. Obama managed to stop this avalanche from destroying the village. Now he is in the process of trying to push the snow “back up the mountain.” This is a much more monumental task and that is why I believe he deserves 4 more years to see this goals through. “No” President is perfect (because none of us are perfect) but I will gladly trust in someone that I know “looks out for us” than one I have a problem trusting. As President, Mitt Romney might have eventually won my trust (given time) but that was something I couldn’t afford to take a chance on. Today is a “new” day… and with it comes a “new awakening.” Let’s start this day with our eyes open and focused on what “needs to happen.” No more negative ads. No more “ambush politics.” If we can put aside our political differences and work together then we can “all” be “winners.” We all don’t have to agree, but hopefully we can all agree to “work together.”  in the long run. Whatever your political affiliation, I hope that you can put aside your differences and help us all get to where “we need to be.” There is great strength in numbers and when we are united “everything” is possible. I am Brett Jolly, and I approved this message…


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