Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Details of date on her blog)

Subject: Details of me on her blog
After a couple of dates with a girl, I learned that she had a blog. I discovered that she had been writing detailed reviews of our dates – even commenting on my kissing techniques. I liked her a lot but felt betrayed. When I asked her about it, she claimed I had read what amounted to a private journal and that I was at fault. What do you think?
I guess dating has now gone to a new level where everything you do becomes public information online, including detailed information on how well you kiss. For the record, a diary is a “private” journal, and she has the right to detail anything about her life the same as other folks do in a diary. If you happen to be a part of her life at this time and she details it for her own “private” viewing, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if she has a blog that mentions intimate details about your love life with her (and it is for full “public” viewing), then that cannot be considered a “private” journal. When other people can read about your exploits with her it is paramount to reading a book about yourself. While it is by no means illegal it is easy to see how one can feel somewhat “violated”, especially if any of the details are derogatory in nature. If she labeled you a “bad kisser” then people could possibly look that up on the internet and it might even portray a very unflattering perspective of you. Since you discovered this at an early stage of dating her then you can still pull out of this situation before the both of you get serious and then you have a well-written novel on your hands (about how “inadequate” you are). As to whether or not this was a “private” journal, that would depend on where you read this blog. If you discovered it online (or anyplace where the public has access to it) then it most certainly is NOT private. Only you can determine if you want to deal with her “tell all” dating life. If you cannot, then just let her know and be prepared to “jump ship”. Nowadays it seems like all sorts of people have blogs (even though I am still not exactly sure of what the definition of a “blog” actually is). If you find this situation to be “out” of your comfort zone, then you don’t have to deal with it. In fact, you could even turn the tables on her with it. Just check out this verse from the Phantom Poet and be duly enlightened:
My date claims to be private, and yet she puts out this blog
And in it she talks about me, sometimes like a dog
When I asked her about it, she said it was private and this was my fault
If I had known she was going to do this, then I would have brought our dates to a halt
She said that this was her life and she can talk about it in any way she sees fit
And if I have a problem with that, then she told me to get over it
She said that she can put anything she wants to out there, and I didn’t need to know
I said, “That’s great, because when you and I had sex, I secretly made a video”
I got some really good angles of you, and how you really got my motor revvin’
So if you want to check it out, just watch your evening news… “Film at eleven”
I got ALL the intimate details, including that very flexible position we tried
If you want to see how clear it looks, then just check out the “billboard” outside
And those times when you said that you cherished the private things between us?
Well, our memories are now riding by as an advertisement… on the side of a  bus
And remember the time you wanted to get on top because you wanted to have control?
Well, I got that too, and it will be featured on a commercial during the Super Bowl
You should be very popular right about now, and should be recognized on sight
I just want to make sure that I at least spelled your name right
You did an excellent job, and the public is now demanding more
I guess that’s why all of these men are now lined up outside your door
So you felt the need to put out a blog, and I am sorry you decided to go there
Because with this video I made of you, your blog doesn’t even compare
So if you can put me out there, then I guess I can put you out there too
The only difference is that I’m now making lot of money off of you
So remember to “do unto others”… That’s the motto that I now conclude
Rather than “Screw unto others…and in the process… get screwed”…
And for those of you interested, I do have the bootleg copy… The Phantom Poet


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