Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The 7 year itch”)

Subject: The 7 year itch
Why is it that men who get married only tend to last about 7 years, and then they lose focus and want younger women, or just flat out cheat? Is it something biological that just happens or is it triggered by something? Just about every marriage that I know of fell apart after seven years with the husband either cheating on the wife or just outright leaving her. Why is this so?
I really don’t believe this applies to “every” marriage, but there are definitely enough cases to warrant review. First off, everyone is different, so you can’t say that each person’s circumstances stem from the same reasons. I can’t possibly speak for every man, but I do have a theory as to why a lot of this happens. I honestly believe that a lot of this may be a result of “egos”. When a man initially gets married, he is absolutely fine with the world, his woman and himself. However, after awhile something sets in where a man wants to know if he still has any “value” left, and a lot of times this is when he may start to stray (uh…cheat!). At first, he may cheat only with the intention of testing the waters without fully jumping in, hoping that he can satisfy his feeling of self worth and then return to his wife feeling better about himself. However, once he goes “over the edge” and gets a taste of how great his temporary affair is then at that point he might just become “hooked”. When he is hooked, that means he is addicted, and as with any addiction it will be difficult to get him to stop once he is on a roll. I believe the seven-year itch is a “very” real thing that makes “a lot” of men wonder if they still “have it” (especially if they get married young). This is probably going to sound weird, but I think the best way to solve the seven year itch is for the wife to let her husband know that anytime he wants to cheat he can just go do so (but make sure to also let him know that whenever he does he “cannot” come back to you). What this does is put him in a sort of “open gate” theory that often works in a psychological way. Just imagine a child in your back yard. If you try to lock the gate to keep him from going outside of it, most times the child will become curious and try to climb over that gate anyway. However, if you leave the door to the gate open and tell him that he can leave outside it anytime he wants, but once he is outside the gate he will be locked out forever and he will never be able to come back home to you, then it has a better psychological effect. When you try to control someone, it hardly ever works, but when you provide him with the opportunity to control his “own” actions, it usually produces a better result. Learn where your man’s “weak” spots are, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of them whenever you need to. You may be able to avoid the seven year itch before and make your marriage last forever. Here is a Phantom Poet moment to help guide you:
After seven years, my husband decided to cheat
He wanted to find a pretty young thing to meet
He told her he was single and a very nice guy
When she asked if he was married, he told her a lie
“No, but maybe one day you can bring my heart some peace”
This fool didn’t even realize that he was talking to my niece
She listened to all the bull crap this man decided to bring
And later on that evening she told my family everything
So we set up a “sting” with a remote place for them to meet
In a quaint little restaurant where he pulled up a seat
My niece enjoyed her food, but she wanted to remind him
Of her family tree, and that was when I snuck up behind him
I put my hands over his eyes, and he blurted out “Who’s there?”
I said in my deepest voice, “Your worst nightmare”
He was enjoying himself so much in this nice little bar
He asked “Am I in trouble?” I said, “Yes you certainly are”
He tensed up for a moment, and tried to bolt for the door
But not before I managed to take his drink and pour
His lap and his new pants were soaked and he started to sob
I took everyone else’s drinks in the place and finished the job
I guess he thought that if he cheated, he would be difficult to catch
So with all of those drinks on him, I decided to light a match
This would teach him that with my heart you never play games
But I’ll be damned; I have NEVER seen a man before outrun flames
He ran so hard that the wind actually blew out the fire
But once he got back home I’d give him a new reason to perspire
He knows that he upset me, and he knows how I felt
So to make things better, I make him wear a chastity belt
And I am the only one who even has the key
So yes, now my husband has to ask permission to pee
So if YOU have a husband experiencing the seven year itch
You’d better invest in your own chastity belt before he pulls a switch
It may not be comfortable for him, but at least you’ll have peace of mind
And it will save you the trouble of having to whip his behind
Men will always be men, and we all know what they are
So if you need to keep track of your man, then best try “radar”
“That white dot must be him”… The Phantom Poet

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