Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The statement by Todd Akin)

What are your feelings about the statement that Todd Akin made when he basically said that “victims of legitimate rape rarely become pregnant because women can shut their body system down?” Do you support what he said or do you think he should have stepped down for those comments?

Truthfully, I found it interesting that he even felt compelled to “make” those comments. Since “allegedly” he is a male how can he possibly even know how a woman’s body will react under those circumstances? While a lot of people “want his head” I tend to take a look “beneath the surface” when it comes to the things that people often do or say. First, I think candidates who are running for office have to be held accountable to a certain standard. If you are going to be in a position of high elected office, then you need to represent yourself accordingly. When it comes to any statements, you need to choose your words carefully and precisely, for one small word could alter your entire outlook in the media. For instance, take a look at Mitt Romney’s popularity after the video came out with him using the term to define 47% of voters as “victims.” With that being said, President Obama has now surged ahead of him in what once was a “tightly contested” race. When it comes to Mr. Akin, he said something that infuriated a lot of people to the point where even some of his own colleagues wanted him to step down. I think political candidates should step down when they do or say something “illegal or immoral (most of them wait until AFTER they are elected to office).” When examining Mr. Akin’s words the most definitive term I could come up with was “stupid.” If there was any malicious thought or intent involved with what he said then I too would have voted for his ouster from office. If we were to expect “every” politician to “step down” after they say something stupid then there would hardly be anyone left to run for office. Mr. Akin might be a very good man who just made a very bad mistake. While I can’t possibly agree with what he said I can’t be the first one to pass judgment on him either. If he has continually apologized for it, then I see no need to keep holding him accountable for it. Since I am not a resident of Missouri I have no need to know his platform or his experience. However, I will say to him and just about every other politician out there in this field that you need to choose your words carefully, because what you say is what determines your success. If you cannot relate to a certain groups experience then you should not act like an expert on it. The citizens of Missouri will make the determination as to whether Mr. Akin should be elected to office, and for right now they are the ones who need to judge him. Hopefully for his sake they are willing to at least listen to and “focus” on his platform at this point. Here is the Phantom Poet to properly expand on this situation:

Come let me tell you a little story about a man named Todd Akin
He is being chastised by the community for something mistaken
His statement was neither smart nor intellectually sound
He said women can’t get pregnant during rape because they shut their bodies down
I have no idea why he even felt the desire to even mention all this
because women also have the power to shut down his run for office
I don’t think he is trying to fool the people or even rob them
But with the statements he made he is now the Republicans problem
In Missouri this man is the best chance they’ve got to stay in it
Because they need to pick up at least 4 seats to take control of the senate
Other Republicans have to distance themselves from his statements from north to south
He needs a kick in the butt, but unfortunately right now his foot is stuck in his mouth
If you are a male referencing woman’s physical experiences, you should know not to make the call
Because it is best to choose your words carefully, or else just say nothing… at all…
Just to make a statement like that was downright crazy, stupid and almost insane
Let’s hope that the next time he feels the urge to say this, he can “shut down” his brain….

“Shut it down, shut it down”… from the Phantom Poet

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