Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Jealous friends)

Subject: Jealous friends
I am currently in a relationship with the most wonderful man. He lives in an incredible apartment, has a high salary job, and drives a Benz. His entire family is rich and he says he wants to marry me one day, but my friends are against the idea. Who wouldn’t want to marry a man like him? Do you think my friends are jealous of me?
I think your friends may see a little more than you do at this point. It’s amazing when you state how “wonderful” this man is and yet the only things you mention about him are the prize possessions he owns. Living in a great apartment doesn’t make him a wonderful man. Driving a Benz doesn’t make him a wonderful man. What makes him wonderful are the things that he “does” for you, and not necessarily the things he “buys” for you. If your friends are having issues with this guy, it could possibly be for valid reasons. I think you at least owe it to yourself to check out what they are saying (and why they are saying it). If you are a materialistic woman (and he realizes this) then he could just be buying your affection (and buying your time) until the next beautiful woman comes into the picture (and then you are out the door). Remember, there is a difference between a rich man who will give you some things from time to time and a poor man who will give you everything he has every time. Being rich does not always equate to being happy. If you don’t believe me, then just ask the Kennedy’s. I do have a question for you. Would you still think he is so wonderful if he were to become “broke” tomorrow? I do think you need to check your definition of what constitutes a “wonderful” man. A good man is not defined by what he “has”, but rather what he “is”… I just hope that you don’t learn that lesson the “hard” way… Here is a revelation from the Phantom Poet to help put things in a better perspective:
I love this man who is as wonderful as he can be
That’s because he has all kinds of money that he can spend on me
When it comes to being rich, no one else really compares
If you ask me his favorite color, who really cares?
He is a truly wonderful man as long as he has money to his game
He says he wants to marry me one day, but he keeps forgetting my name
I know this is just an oversight; he really loves me with all his might
I go to see him for sex, and then he sends me home for the night
So we may not get to talk much, but I am still happy as I can be
That’s because every once in awhile he gives me money for a shopping spree
My friends disagree; they don’t like the good things I get
They keep telling me that this man has not bought an engagement ring yet
I wear the latest fashions with beautiful attire made of silk
My friends say “Why buy the cow when you can just pay for the milk?”
I just hope that one day in my bank account he will make a huge deposit
But then, I did notice he had a lot of women’s clothes and shoes in his closet
We had just had sex, but this was way after the fact
He mumbled “You need to get out of here before she comes back”
I know he loves to hear my voice on his cell phone so soft
But lately it seems that he has been shutting his cell phone off
A truly heavy burden in my heart is now being carried
I just read in the newspapers that he is about to get married
How could he do this to me? I began to scream and shout
But I still have his credit cards…Oh well, time to max them all OUT!
“On Dancer, on Prancer, on Donner and Blitzen”
Let’s buy up all we can, because his butt I will be fixin’
There can STILL be a very happy ending in all of this for me
“Why buy the bull, when you can get him to “charge” for free?
Yet ANOTHER incredible masterpiece from the Phantom Poet:


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