Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Stress)

Subject: Stress relief

I was making myself sick and I even didn’t realize it. I was pumping myself full of poisons. Each night before going to bed, I was absorbing all the worst from the news. When my body was settling down for the night, my brain remained active, mulling over casualties in various parts of the world, flooding, unemployment, murders. Other nights I worried about bills, child care, family issues, marital problems. My dreams were disjointed and violent. I was waking up miserable and still tired.

So I changed. I began walking my dog at night and looking at the sky. While walking, I pondered some of the pleasant things that had happened to me during the day. I began to view things with an increasingly grateful heart: for example, I was grateful for a starry night, a cool, gentle breeze, my family, my dog, my job, the changing of the seasons, kids getting out of school. I just let my brain go. Then, as I turned into bed, my thoughts continued in the same vein. As I closed my eyes, I was grateful for the crisp sheets, for the roof over my head, for the chance to help someone during the day, for an unexpected phone call from a dear friend, for having a decent life. Needless to say, my dreams were much more soothing. I have been waking up in the morning in a positive frame of mind, feeling centered and recharged. I can be calm and even-tempered when I listen to others complain. I am not suggesting that everybody has to meditate or do yoga or that we should close our eyes to the events going on in our world. But since we know that stress is the basis of most of our diseases and ailments, when are we going to take better control of our lives by not stressing out?
This is a VERY important topic, because even though we all have responsibilities to deal with, it is how we handle those responsibilities that determine a healthy mental (and physical) state. My definition of stress is “That which we allow others to put upon us”. In other words, we can be inundated with many multiple tasks from others, but it is how we handle those tasks that determine our true stress levels. When I was in high school (oh, maybe about 2 years ago or so… Wow! That lightning bolt ALMOST hit me) I was so stressed out. I wanted so badly to play basketball but I tore my ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) in the pre-season and was out for the year (I was devastated). I had to wear a cast up the upper portion of my leg and the girl I really liked during that time found another date to take to the prom. I was heartbroken, depressed and downright miserable (and on crutches). This happened during my senior year and I was a stressed out mess. Then came graduation time, and it wasn’t until then that I realized that my life wasn’t over, but only just beginning. Once the commencement was over I immediately erased everything about my senior year from my mind and decided that I was going to ease my way of thinking. My responsibilities didn’t lessen over the years, but the way I handled them helped me lessen the strain in my life. Today most people who know me will probably say that I am laid back in a lot of ways and easy (like Sunday morning… a Lionel Richie tune). Don’t get me wrong, there will always be times when the stress level rises extremely high and your reactions may not be helped, but if you can find a way to minimize the effects it can make your life much more pleasurable. I suggest that everyone take a look at their own existence and figure out ways to “de-stress” your life. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to do. First thing is to remember that those things we cannot control may happen anyway, so getting stressed over them won’t change the outcome. Second, the worst thing you can do is become stressed out over the POSSIBILITY that something is about to happen. If it hasn’t happened yet, then don’t make yourself sick worrying about the possibility (or probability) of it. Third, remember that when the building is on fire and everyone is becoming hysterical, thinking rationally will give you an edge over everyone else and help you come up with a better plan for dealing with the circumstances at hand. Last, remember that there is always someone worse off than you (This makes sense, because as long as you are still alive, then you still have hope). Each day you wake up is a new start for you. Treat it as such… Here comes the Phantom Poet to shed some valuable “insight” on the subject:
We all need to find ways to deal with our stress
A lot of people have it, and some have excess
Please don’t feel bad, worried or crappy
I always say, “Don’t worry… Be Happy”
There are plenty of pleasant things to think about… That’s how life goes
Why don’t you try sitting down in a very dark room, and take off your clothes?
After awhile you soon may start to feel yourself become even less stressed
ESPECIALLY if there is member of the opposite sex there with you…  undressed
Don’t laugh! Sex is a GREAT way to help you feel more relieved
That’s why Marvin sang “sexual Healing” (at least that’s what we believed)
So if you feel over stressed, then have sex…that is what you should do
If you REALLY feel stressed out, then have sex for a day or two
In fact, just keep on going until you run out of “rounds”
Or until your weight becomes about oh, 98 pounds
Sex here, sex there, in the suburbs and in the ghetto
But whatever you do, don’t mess with those sheep in the meadow
Just keep on having sex until the feeling goes “numb”
But unless you want NEW worries, then better wear a condom
Find the right sexual partner, but don’t rush, and don’t hurry
Having the right partner will help relieve all your worry
So when you are over stressed, stop pulling out all of your hairs
Just have sex, then relax and say to yourself, “Who cares?”
Just wait until you hear my solution for ending war tensions… The Phantom Poet


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Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes and Brett Jolly performing “Wake up everybody”


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