Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Choice for President)

With all the things that are happening with the Presidential election, what is your take on it? Who do you think is the best person to run the country and why do you think so?

For the sake of fairness I will try to examine this election from a “neutral” standpoint, even though I don’t quite see how that can be possible (for most people, including me, have already made up their minds). At this point, the people who are going to vote for Romney are likely to continue to do so and the same goes for those who already support Obama. For me, this election seems to be more about “criticizing opponents” rather than offering plans. Obama said that his opponent “shoots first and aims later” while just about everything I have heard from Romney has been overly “critical” of Obama. From Obama I would like to see how he can unite the country should he win, because the economy has still not prospered yet the way he wanted it to while he has been in office. However, Mitt Romney says he has a plan that will create 12 million jobs, but he still has yet to divulge the “details” of that plan. Romney represents the wealthy (95% of the country’s wealth is actually controlled by 5% of the population, and most of the wealthy “are” Republicans). It seems that most of these people have the positions and money available to hire, but it seems as though they are holding back on hiring (at least until after the elections are decided). For right now, that doesn’t favor Obama, because the lack of jobs currently reflects on his track record. Republicans are quick to point out that the economy has not yet prospered and they tend to stigmatize Obama with that responsibility. The actual fact is that Obama “inherited” this economy from George Bush, the former Republican President. While Obama has not brought the economy to the “promised land” yet he has at least managed to halt the “avalanche.” Make no mistake about it, we were “definitely” headed towards a “depression” just before Obama took office. Romney is a self made millionaire, and his formula for success should “not” be taken for granted or ignored. The question that I have is “If he can do this for himself, what guarantee do we have that he can (or will) do it for everyone else?” The wealthy are the ones who support Romney, so if he wins how can he possibly turn his back on those who are responsible? I don’t think he can, and I don’t think he will… Trust is an important factor for me when it comes to voting for President. The one thing that I can say in favor of Obama is that he has already proven that he will “give his all” for the greater benefit of Americans. That goes a long way with me, for I would rather have someone try and fail than not try at all… The past few weeks have been disastrous for Romney, and much of it has been his own doing. He has shown a propensity to “say the wrong things at the right time” and right now he is fast becoming his own worst enemy. The leaked video about his view of 47% of Americans as “victims” can’t possibly win him any brownie points with people who have “considered” switching from supporting Obama. His comments during the crisis in Libya have also made him appear less favorable (In my opinion, he should have waited and gotten advice from his people before making that kind of statement). Even when he was in London for the Olympics he managed to “disrespect” the London government by questioning the security of the games. To me, he has shown a propensity to “self-destruct” and that is NOT someone I want as President. I am not going to be one who tells you that Obama is flawless, because even he has admitted to his own failures (and I’m sure others will admit to his failings as well), but I also know that most Presidents need a “full” 8 years to make an impact and a real difference. George Bush most certainly got it. If Romney became President, I think it would be unfair to expect him to accomplish all his promises in only a 4 year term as well. To me, Obama needs the extra 4 years to see if he can finish what he started. He has “earned”‘ that right. Since he took office, Republicans have fought him “tooth and nail” over just about any policy he tried to implement. During the term of George Bush I “NEVER” heard them sound off so vehemently. Mitt Romney may get his opportunity to run the country as President one day, but I honestly just don’t feel that his time should be “now.” I’d like to see him “think before he speaks” more often and I’d like to hear what his plan is for the economy “without” hearing him blast the President for a change. If I can hear substance in what he “has to offer” then I will “gladly” give him consideration. Until that situation arises, for this election I have to put my faith and trust in President Barack Obama. I do, however, welcome any and all opposing points of view (and I sincerely mean that). Here is an election poem from the Phantom Poet”

Through the promises, the lies and the “sugarcoat”
On election day we all need to get out to vote
With videos, criticisms and election drama
We need to vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama
For this election, there is something new that we never before saw
It will be interesting to see the impact of this new Voter ID law
We need to consider the track record for considering the next 4 years
And we need to disregard the fact that both Obama and Ryan have “big ears”
We need to look beyond the who, the where and the what
And pay no attention to Biden’s hair or Romney’s gut
You need to get out to vote and the reason for this is because
You need to vote like your life depends on it (because in essence, it does)
So it is up to you to decide, so you need to exercise your choice
Because without voting, you in essence have “no voice”

And no, you cannot write in the Phantom Poet


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