Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: DUI and no license)

I’m a single male. I’ve never had any real problems with dating women until now. I was convicted of a DUI, and I’ve lost my license for seven months. Is there a way to keep women interested after you tell them that you don’t have a license? Or should I just give up on dating? I’m not within walking distance of any good bars or restaurants. What can I do?
You can try something that I think most women would genuinely appreciate. You can tell the truth to the woman you are interested in and admit you made a mistake in your life. You can tell her that you did something wrong and that you have learned from your experience (provided, of course, you have truly learned from your experience). You can try being humble about it, and you know what? Some woman is going to LOVE you for it! If you think that being able to date a woman is only based on you having a car then you are not giving yourself much credit. If a woman appreciates your sincerity enough, she might just drive and come pick YOU up for a date. What happened to you is nowhere near as important as what you have learned from your experience. If this situation has made you a better man then I guarantee there is a good woman out there who will appreciate you more because of it. Do you still drink? Are you an alcoholic? Sometimes people don’t recognize the blessings they have in life. Would you prefer to still have your license and then chance some woman dying in an accident with you as a result of your inebriation? If something like that did happen, you would probably be begging for a second chance. Well, I have news for you. Today IS your second chance… You may not have a license, but you don’t have a murder rap on you either. Be thankful that ALL you lost is your license. “Man” makes the car… The car should NOT make the man… You should not have to give up on dating, but you might want to consider giving up on “drinking”. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and check out this Phantom Poet moment:
They took my license because I decided to drink and drive
But without my car, how can my dating life thrive?
What woman would want to go out with a man who has no car?
And how can I find a way to travel to the local bar?
I may have to face the reality that no more women will I get
Unless, of course, I do like everyone else, and search the internet
Here’s one particular woman who likes to drink, too
But she crashed and lost her license back in 2002
Here’s another woman who not only drinks, but she’ll actually guzzle
The only problem is that her face looks like it needs a muzzle
But still, this can work, and this woman could possibly be mine
Because after more than enough drinks, she’ll start to look just “fine”
But the morning after will be tough, because that’s when reality sinks
She will probably still look ugly, but that will be cause for “more” drinks
Look! I need a date, and if she can put up with my drinking
Then she’ll always look great to me drunk (or at least that’s what I’m thinking)
I may no longer have a license, but all is not as bad as it appears
I got this ugly varmint woman, and I’ve still got a few beers
I really cannot look at her sober. I just wouldn’t dare
Because she looks like she REALLY needs some affordable health care
But without a car, I’m stuck, and she’s about the best that I can do
But instead of her looking better, now I drank enough where I see “two”
Now I’ve had it, and I really need to change my life today
I’m going to throw this critter out, and go join “AA”
So here is my message that I want to convey to each and every one of y’all
It is better to live without a license, than not to live… at all…
I need another beer, because I can still see what she looks like… The Phantom Poet


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