Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Fantasizing about her sister)

Subject: Fantasizing about her sister
My fiance and I are in our late 20s.  I love her a lot. She is very intelligent, and I find her very attractive. The problem is that in bed, I have had better. Many times when we make love it ends without me “finishing.” She had noticed this and asked me if she still excites me. I tried to fix things by fantasizing about other women during sex, but that only worked a few times. I am blown away by her sister’s looks. I began fantasizing about her during sex and it’s amazing. The last month or so, our sex lives have been great. My fiance has noticed the difference. She is now questioning me about the changes. I don’t know what to tell her. She once commented, when I asked her to dress up certain ways, that she could “just borrow these clothes from her sister instead of buying them.” Does she know something?  I worry that if I play stupid, she will grow very suspicious that I’m doing something besides having fantasies.
You know I am eagerly waiting for this one, and we ALL know what’s coming. One day you are going to call out the WRONG name, and then, instead of being blown away by her sister’s looks you will get blown away by your wife’s 57 magnum. Unless you want to go back to “single” eligibility, I strongly suggest that you NOT inform your wife that you are fantasizing about her sister. In order to spare you the death penalty, I will simply tell you that you only need to ASK your wife for the things you want from her. If she is indeed a “biological” sister then I’m sure there shouldn’t be too much physical difference between the both of them. If in fact your wife does suspect and is not saying anything, then you have nothing to lose by continuing to ask her to make changes.  For you to marry her in the first place means there had to be something there that you truly loved. Don’t be afraid to let her know what you would like to see her in (clothes wise) and even help her get to what you would like her to be. Listen, women LOVE to buy clothes for their men, because no one can make a man look better in public than his woman can. By that same token, there is nothing wrong with you returning the favor for your wife. If you have certain attire that you would like her to wear, go out and GET it for her. MAKE her become your new fantasy. When it comes to your wife, don’t settle for making her just as good as her sister. Make her even BETTER than her sister. Since you are married you have the right to at least ASK her to change some things (Just don’t be a fool like the guy in one of my articles the other day who demanded his wife to get a breast lift). In the meantime I would strongly suggest you refrain from making ANY statements about her sister in any sexual connotation (unless you have a secret fantasy about getting your butt kicked). Not only might your wife get mad at you, but she might get angry with her sister as well. Should your wife ever suspect you of fantasizing about someone else, tell her you are secretly in love with Oprah or somebody (Hey don’t laugh…EVERYBODY loves Oprah). As for her sister, I think you need to stay as far away as you can from her, before you get yourself in some SERIOUS hot water. Here is the Phantom Poet to shed some “light” on the subject:
She is my Mrs., and I am her Mister
So why do I keep dreaming of her sister?
Whenever our moments of great sex occur
It is because I secretly fantasize about her
Does my wife know, or does she even suspect?
When I keep staring at her sister, can she even detect?
I feel so bad for lying, but can she handle the truth?
Should she ever find out she just might go through the roof
She pulled me to the side last night, and I felt so much shame
because last night in my sleep I mistakenly called her sister’s name.
But she said for me not to worry, and that all is well
Because whenever we have sex, she secretly fantasizes about Denzel
Damn! I’m busted, and inadequate, to boot
I cannot even respond, and there’s nothing I can dispute
I feel so bad right now, and it feels as though I’ve been played
My wife said that if I can ever get Denzel, then partners we can trade
I now feel like a lumberjack with inadequate lumber
But there’s hope. I am trying to locate Denzel’s number
If I can pull this off, then what a great day this will be
Until then, it will just be my fantasy… my fantasy and me
“Yo, Den… What’s up, man?” The Phantom Poet


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