Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: When men lie)

Subject: When men lie
How can you tell when a man is lying? I just met this guy who is telling me that he works some kind of secret operation for the FBI. Because of his involvement with them, I cannot know where he lives and he can only call me, I cannot call him. Do you think he is lying to me?
This man is “so” lying and “so” married. Working some secret operation for the FBI? The only organization this guy works for with those initials is “Fraudulent, Broke, Incorporated”. What really bothers me is that some woman out there will actually fall for this unbelievable tale and he will have acquired yet another “victim”. Just think about what he is saying… If he says that he is engaged in some secret mission for the FBI then he has ALREADY jeopardized his mission by telling you that he even WORKS for them. If he has to keep his profession secret, he just blew it by divulging that he even “has” a secret occupation. This guy has nothing to do with central intelligence… In fact, he has nothing to do with ANY intelligence…  There are certain things every woman should be  leery of when dealing with men. First, if you are not allowed to see or know where he lives, then that should be a strong red flag. Second, if you cannot call him (or cannot call him at home during certain hours) then that should be ANOTHER red flag. If you are not allowed to know where he works, call him at work or even meet him at work, then he is also concealing something from you.  If you are not allowed to meet ANY of his friends or family then that is also a “no-no”. You should always pay attention when you go out in public to see if he is constantly looking over his shoulder for someone who might possibly know him. If your relationship features any of these situations, then you might want to consider “breaking him off” in a totally DIFFERENT kind of way.  Married men (or men with live in lovers) who cheat will go to exorbitant means to make sure they can date you without compromising their family situations. If a man tells you that you cannot contact him but you should wait for him to contact you, then most likely he has an already established family (complete with a woman mate) somewhere else. Most of all, beware when a man tells you that he has some sort of “glamor” profession. I have heard stories of men claiming to be astronauts, undercover FBI agents, high price lawyers, judges and all kinds of crap just to impress women. If you want a true and REAL relationship, then I would suggest that you measure a man by his heart, and not by his “money” or “occupation”. In the long run, I’ll bet your life will have a whole lot less “stress.”. Let’s start this day off with a stress-relieving sermon from the Phantom Poet, shall we? :
This man says he is an astronaut, and brags about all the things he’s got
And yet the more he tries to explain it, the more he sounds like an astro- “not”
Then he keeps trying to tell me that he works for the FBI
When he said his last name was “Bond”, I thought that “might” be a lie
Then this man REALLY attempted to try the fates
How can you “secretly” be President of the United States?
Somehow I think this man is trying to pull my chain
Now he’s claiming to be Thor, God of thunder and rain?
He thinks he can get with me, and impress his way into my life
But for all I know this man already has a wife
As for all these great occupations he is trying to put through
He may just be broke, and unemployed, too
I’m tired of all these false jobs he’s claiming…I am so fed up with that
So my new name is now Batwoman, and this… this is my BAT…
You’ve told me too many lies, and now this is it
I think ONE of your alter egos is about to take a “hit”
It could be the astronaut or the FBI agent. I really don’t rightfully care
You’re about to take a trip into space, so you’d better prepare
When you get back home, you can explain to your wife how you got that lump
And tell her how you tried to play me for some kind of chump
So if you want to lie, then this much will certainly be true
My new job is to put dents in the heads of playas like you
So since you work for the FBI, you’ve now got a new case
Hopefully they will be able to find the woman, who just reconstructed your face…
       “FBI” NOW stands for Fractured, Broken and Injured… The Phantom Poet

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