Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Cheating wife)

Subject: Cheating wife
My wife of 20 years has been lying to me about an “office” affair with a man.  I know she is lying because I have taped conversations in my home, checked the GPS in her car and even saw her with my own eyes kissing this man in a local park near her office.  At one time, I downloaded her cell phone bill for two years and it showed over 500 calls to this individual.  I hacked her e-mail account and found a very sexually explicit e-mail to him from her.  I copied her cell phone’s stored voicemail messages from him to her. After confronting her with the facts, she said he is not a part of her life and it was no big deal.  I do not trust or believe her in the slightest way.  I am distraught by these events and need guidance.  My anger toward her is building daily.  She will not tell the truth.  I can handle the truth. Help me before I lose my temper and do the wrong thing.
The one thing that is most important at this stage is to make sure your anger doesn’t make you do something that you will later regret. People have tried before to plead temporary insanity in court for reckless bouts of hysteria but that rarely works. You need to think beyond the current moment. I am surprised that after all the evidence you collected against her that she still insists this guy is not a part of her life and that this is no big deal. I would consider that to be a real insult to your intelligence on her part. She may not want to tell you the truth but I have news for you; She doesn’t have to. You caught her with just about every piece of evidence needed to prove her infidelity. If you can handle the truth like you say you can, then the truth is that she is cheating on you. Whether she actually says it or not is of no consequence. She can treat it in a nonchalant manner if she likes, but it is you who needs to make the decision to move on. I personally think you need to contact a divorce lawyer ASAP. It sounds as though the longer you stay there, the angrier you are getting. Our prison populations are filled with people who wished they had shown a little more restraint when they were confronted with stressful situations like this. You don’t need to add yourself to that number. Forget about trying to get her to admit to anything. The best way to get back at her is through the divorce court system. Remember that once you take matters into your own hands then no one wins. Recognize this situation for what it is, and move on with your life. Here is a Phantom Poet moment to help you ease your tension:
My wife has been cheating on me for twenty years or more
I keep getting these images in my head of maim and gore
I wish she did not try to play my intelligence that way
I’m trying my best not to put a cap in both their butts today
She claims that what she is doing with this man is no big deal
But I got her on DVD, cassette, AND reel to reel
I even discovered their plans to vacation together in Mexico
To me she is nothing but a great big horrendous “person”
If I do like I feel, then I just may end up going to jail
I just want to unload a couple of buck shots to their tails
And let them know that when you decide to cheat on me
You had better be prepared to stand up for eternity
I’m really not violent. I don’t like to punch or hit
But I really wouldn’t mind choking the life out of her a little bit
Maybe it is best for me to leave. That way I won’t do anything rash
I already cut up her credit cards and threw them away in the trash
Maybe I had better leave the country, because I don’t want to pay the price
Especially if they survive the explosion from my little “detonating device”
Yes, I truly am peaceful, and have no intentions of starting any riot
I even made sure that when this bombs explodes, the noise will be quiet
So if you have a cheating spouse, make sure you handle it the right way
Make sure you have a great escape route, so you can easily get away
                       Is the Underground Railroad still running?


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