Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (topic: “Finding myself when my husband is not home”)

Subject: Finding myself when my husband is not home
My husband travels a lot for work. He’s usually gone 3 nights out of the week. When I get lonely I turn to items to pleasure myself. When he found my items of pleasure he was really upset and threw them away and said I should just wait for nights that he’s home. Do you think I’m being selfish or is he making an unfair request?
Have you ever heard that song that goes like this: “I get by with a little help from my friends”? To your husband (and from a man’s point of view), it is embarrassing to know that your wife has to use “toys” on occasion to pleasure herself. It actually gives some men the impression that they are not “suitable” to satisfy you sexually. Since “some” men have rather gigantic egos (just “some” now, okay?), knowing this could be quite a blow to his self-confidence and in the long run could have an impact on your relationship. I do know that everyone doesn’t have the same sex drive, so some people need it “a little more” than others. Naturally, if you are with someone who wants it every day (and there ARE people out there just like that), but yet you can only deal with once every week (or month, or year… or whatever) there is bound to be some conflict. When women use battery operated toys, some men may consider it cheating (Hey, don’t laugh! Some women consider it cheating when their men look for gratification online). Everyone’s needs are diverse, and while on the surface it may look bad to most men a lot depends on the relationship you both have. The two of you should talk about the reasons behind your use of toys. Your husband needs to know if he is satisfying you and what he may need to do to step up his game. Only you can supply those answers to him. However, the best way to understand his point of view is to imagine coming home one day and finding your husband “handling” his “own” matters of self-recognition. How do you think YOU would feel under those circumstances? I have actually talked to a lot of women who admitted to owning “toys” and they were not ashamed at all. Most of them said they keep their secret friends for whenever their men mess up in a relationship. I wouldn’t be surprised if just about “everyone” had a “Plan B”, but when you are married and keeping your “Plan B” a secret, then things might get “out of hand” (Aw, man, sorry for THAT one). You shouldn’t get in the habit of hiding personal things like that from your mate. Talk it over, and find a way to “handle” your business.  Here is the Phantom Poet to help “extend” that thought:
My husband is surely entitled to his “night out with the boys”
So shouldn’t I also be entitled to my “night with my toys”?
He is usually gone about three nights out of each week
That’s three extra days of helping me reach my “peak”
He caught me in action and got highly upset
He said that I should wait until he comes home before I go “get”
Am I being selfish or is he making an unfair request?
At least I am not bringing in ANOTHER male guest
I don’t say anything when he’s at the strip club on the avenue
“And a girl has to do what a girl has to do”
My husband is not bad. He’ll do in a pinch
But if I’m to get my rocks off, I need at “least” another inch
Of course I would NEVER tell him that, because I want him to think he’s the MAN
That is why whenever he leaves I use toys when I can
My husband goes out with his boys, well, all my toys also have names
There’s Hakeem, Renaldo, Jonathan and James
The have occupations too, in case you didn’t already figure
One’s a “deep sea diver”, one’s the “architect” and of course, the “grave digger”
They work “hand in hand” to take care of all my needs
They go where I want them to, and they follow my leads
I’m sorry my husband found them, so now I guess I am busted
But at least I won’t allow my important organs to become rusted
I took care of what I had to do, so I can still enjoy life
And you should smile too, because you still have a happy wife
                                     “What about the cave miner?” The Phantom Poet


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