Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Drug free but not man free)

Subject: Drug free, but not man free
My boyfriend and I were together for 17 years and went though a lot. We both went away to get help for our drug problem and planned to get back together when we were clean. I got out of rehab early and went to live with my son. He continued treatment but was allowed free time. We saw each other almost every day, we would go shopping, out to eat and just enjoy each others company. When he got out he went to live with his aunt. But he never invited me over or spent a night in mine. He then started telling me that he was speaking to another woman. Then all of a sudden he just said that he didn’t want to be in a committed relationship anymore. He had a woman call me to say that it was over between him and I. He wasn’t even man enough to call me himself. When I did finally get in touch with him, he said that he is interested in someone else and he’s sorry. I hadn’t heard from him in a few months and all of a sudden a few days before his birthday he called to say he still loves me. What’s up with that?
He is now realizing that the grass he has been “smoking” is NOT greener on the other side after all. His “new habit” is obviously not working out for him like he thought it would, and he is trying to put some feelers out to you so you can (hopefully) take him back should his new thing not work out. I hope you tell him that you will need a LOT more drugs before you ever consider loving him again. What you need to realize is that when you went to rehab you needed to cure ALL the demons that plagued you, and this man was just as bad as ANY of the other drugs you experienced. For him to call you a couple of days before his birthday took a lot of nerve. I sincerely hope that you have the foresight to NEVER take him back, for he will only do the same thing to you again down the road. Let him say whatever he wants. His “actions” have already told his “true” story. The next time he calls to tell you he loves you, tell him you would love for him to take a long drive off a short pier (and alert him to leave the windows down so he can better enjoy the view). As for his new woman, she will get the exact same treatment that he gave you, so you basically just peddled your bad drug onto someone else. When he calls you, don’t give him even a sliver of hope that he can get back into the picture, and the very next time he calls to say he loves you, just ask him “What you been snorting?” For your day today, please take a “whiff” of what the Phantom Poet is cooking:
My ex boyfriend needs to go to rehab but he says “no, no, no”
I think he is addicted to stupidity because he’s slow, slow, slow
He keeps on hinting that he wants me back, back, back
I think this crazy fool must still be on crack, crack, crack
He said he don’t want to be with me any more, more, more
So then why the Hell is he calling me for, for, for?
I guess if he can get away with it, then why not, not, not?
He is about 6 seconds away from being shot, shot, shot
His new woman had the nerve to call me on the phone, phone, phone
And told me to leave her new man alone, alone, alone
She said,” I’m his new girlfriend now, just so you know, know, know
I said, “I have my own name for you and then laughed, “Ho, ho, ho”
She got really mad, and acted like she wanted to fight, fight, fight
I said, “As long as you talk to me by phone, then you’ll be all right, right, right
Because if I see you in person, then it’s on, on, on
Your eyes will be blackened and all your teeth will be gone, gone, gone
Your chances of surviving will be very slim, slim, slim
And after I’m finished with you, then I’ll beat down him, him, him
I am celebrating life as drug free, free, free
And that includes being away from you and he, he, he
I plan on enjoying my life and how, how, how
Because you know what? He’s YOUR problem, now, now, now

They want Phantom Poet to go to poetry class, but he say “No, no, no”….


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