Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Subject: Bodybuilding for love)

I am an attractive woman, and I believe in staying in great shape. I lift weights at the gym and I have a bodybuilder shape. I have muscular arms and legs. Men have told me that no man wants a woman who is  a bodybuilder. Is that true and if so, why not?

Personally I think there’s something kinda sexy about a woman with little veins popping out of her neck and forehead… uh… okay…. well, maybe not… but there is someone out there for EVERYONE. I can guarantee you that there are men out there that would LOVE for you to flex “any” and “every” thing you got at them. Do you think you can do your ears? (ohhhhh…BABY!) I do have a question for you. Are you working out so much to appease yourself or the opposite sex? If you are working out just to make yourself feel healthy then it doesn’t matter what other people say. However, if you are working out with weights to appeal to men then it might be wise to re-consider. Think about it. Do most women like men whose chests are more developed than theirs? From what I have gathered, a lot of women think it is too much for a man to be extremely “buff”. If this can be the case for women, then you can only imagine what most men would think about women whose arms are bigger than theirs. Plus it has been commonly known that the ideal woman for “most” men is one who at least “appears” somewhat “delicate” (even though there is something about that little “vein” thing that just turns me on…).  Men like to lead and be looked to for their “strengths”. A man might feel awkward if he has to turn to his woman for strength. Being “buff” does has it’s advantages, though. If your man gets out of line you can beat the living CRAP out of him (and he’ll probably LOVE it when you do). Both of you can have little contests to see who can actually sound more like Barry White. Okay, all joking aside, your first responsibility is to YOURSELF, and keeping healthy should be a priority for everyone. However, if you want to be appealing, then make sure you have an understanding as to what constitutes “appeal”… and don’t you start flexing that vein at me like that. You know I’m at a weak time in my life. Phantom Poet? PLEASE help me out here….

I like to lift weights and I like to show off my stuff

Why bother being sexy when it’s easier to be buff?

You can say what you want, I know I look great

and for those men who disagree, I’ll knock them out… straight!

There are a LOT of women out there that wish they could look like me

I’ve developed arms, abs and an Adam’s apple, you see

It works for my man, and he loves it just fine

and if he don’t, then I will kick and whip his behind

There are certain advantages to a woman  having muscle

because I always win whenever you and I tussle

Having strength gives me the leeway to see this struggle through

because when I win, you can bet you win too

So accept the fact that I’m in charge and assume the position

because I aim to whup you into a submissive condition

You will do what I say, and go to any length

and you will tell me you love it, because I’m a woman… with strength…

Yet ANOTHER STRONG vision from the Phantom Poet

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