Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Above and beyond the call of duty)

Subject: Above and beyond the call of duty

I can’t believe this. My man just came to me with a peculiar request. He wanted to know if I would have a threesome with him. He said that it had always been his fantasy to have one, and he wanted to know if I would grant him this favor. I was upset that he could even ask me to do that. I consider myself to be all one man could possibly need. Was I wrong to not even consider his wishes?

You may have been wrong not to consider bashing him upside his head for asking you! Just about everyone has different needs sexually but if he was that kind of “free spirit” then he shouldn’t be in a committed relationship with you. While he may have the right to ask you this favor he doesn’t have the right to expect anything like this of you. If he thinks you are NOT enough “woman” for him, then now might be the time to re-assess (and reconsider) your relationship with him. There are people out there who are into some really ODD sexual behaviors, and as bad as this one may seem I’m sure there are others out there who can probably “top” him (and probably “bottom” him too…). I always say that every request deserves at least some “consideration” but not necessarily “acceptance”. You can think about what he is asking for, but you should not compromise your own “morals” just to accommodate him… If you wanted to be malicious about it, you could certainly tell him “yes” as long as YOU are the one to choose the “other” partner. Then at that point you should choose another “male” friend, and see if his interest is still the same after that (smile). Everyone has their own “comfort zone” and if you feel that his request is outside of your boundary lines then you need to let him know that this is bothering you. If a “menage a trois…. uh,  manageable a try….uh…. THREESOME is what he wants, then he doesn’t need to be in a single “committed” relationship with you (and you most certainly you don’t need to be in one with him). NEVER feel bad about not wanting to compromise your own values. Once you compromise all that you believe in then you open yourself up to be controlled by anyone. Think about that “before” you cross the line… and while you are at it, think about this special word from the Phantom Poet:

Whenever my man adds one plus one, he keeps coming up with “three”

How in the Hell some other woman gets caught up in this mix is beyond me

He keeps asking me to grant him this one sexual favor

But he keeps requesting for me to engage in “abnormal” behavior

He says that if I truly love him, then I should have no problem accepting that

I said “Great, then will you kindly allow me to violate you with this here baseball bat?”

If we engage in a threesome, then I’d like to experiment this with you

That way you can get yours, and I can get “mine” too

If you want me to go outside of my comfort zone, then you should as well

And if this baseball bat should happen to hurt… hey, what the hell!

This is all for the sake of love, so please don’t scream too loud

One bat might seem like company, and two may be a “crowd”

This threesome idea of yours may not be such a bad plan

especially if I should chose our “other” partner to be another “man”

So be careful what you might ask for, for you may surely get it

As long as this all works out for me, then I guess I won’t “sweat it”

And if you get a very “uncomfortable sensation, please don’t holler or scream

Just let it “sink in” and enjoy this while you “take one for the team”

Yet ANOTHER fantastic masterpiece from the Phantom Poet


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The late Gerald Levert, Christopher Williams and Brett Jolly onstage

Gerald Levert, Christopher Wiliams and Brett Jolly onstage